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Project Description 

The GLA Sports Team is funding RJ4All to deliver this pilot project aimed at addressing youth violence by implementing a comprehensive intervention to support young people dealing with bereavement.

The goal of the RJ4ALL Footsteps Forward project is to build the strengths, emotional agility and resilience of young people who are experiencing bereavement to overcome the challenges that they are experiencing.
What we want is to test and learn what interventions are likely to work and understand the role that coaches/ volunteers/ support workers and other mental health/clinical practitioners play in supporting them in this process.

Through a combination of sports activities and therapeutic support, the project aims to provide a free and effective intervention and integration strategies within a supportive framework.

Target Audience  

The project is designed to cater to the needs of 10 young people in London aged between 14 and 18 who are faced with a loss. These situations may be triggered by youth violence or other


The project will unfold over the course of ten months, spanning from April 2024 to January

Key Components

Weekly sports activities

Offered either individually or in groups as platforms for physical activity and personal expression.

Therapeutic individual path

Offering bi-monthly 1-1 meetings with mental health experts, trauma specialists and psychologists, initiating a therapeutic journey for each participant.

Monthly group therapy sessions

Providing a supportive environment for shared experiences and collective healing.

Engagement activities and well-being support

Additional Community Centre initiatives or collaboration with third-party organisations to bolster overall well-being.

Youth Club+ Building Resilience

Option to participate in our Youth Clubs+ during holidays and half-terms, offering a variety of sports and RJiNEAR workshops focusing on restorative justice principles, emotional management, developing positive relationships, and
resilience. They will also take on roles as Youth Ambassadors, instilling a sense of responsibility
and belonging within the community.

Individualised pathway planning

Identifying and support in accessing relevant services
with the help professionals and the reference figures involved to continue their journey beyond the project.

Intended Outcomes

Through this multifaceted approach, the project endeavours to not only address immediate
needs but also equip participants with the skills and support networks necessary for sustained
resilience and personal development. By harnessing the transformative power of sports, therapy, and community engagement, we aspire to make a tangible difference in the lives of young people affected by violence-induced bereavement.


We accept referrals from all sources (e.g. self-referrals, schools, parents/guardians, youth
services, etc.) 

If you would like to make a referral, discuss an individual case, or have question about the project, please contact us at:

Maria Calvo, Project Officer (she/her) at:
– +44 7488419368

RJ4All: Who are we? ​

RJ4All is a community-born and community-led charitable NGO founded to promote community cohesion, and address poverty and anti-social behaviour in a holistic manner. We redistribute power in a more equal way by using the power of education, sports and art, as well as the practices and values of restorative justice. RJ4All has multiyear experience of using sports to break down barriers that lead to division, health inequalities, crime and poverty. RJ4All is also the manager of the RJ4All Rotherhithe Community Centre, which has become a hub of community empowerment; it offers a food-bank, free Community Gym and sport classes, a library, educational workshops, a safe place for youth and those affected by harm and poverty.

Our approach to crime prevention and control is rooted in the principles of positive criminology and positive psychology providing alternatives to the Risk Need Responsivity model adopted by the criminal and youth justice systems. We adopt the restorative justice principles of power- sharing and equality to focus on empowering the individual to heal themselves and their community. We see our beneficiaries as a group of talents whom we support, while being aware of their realities. Through our projects, we pilot our own scientifically tested RJiNEAR model of resilience (Gavrielides, 2015; 2022). For example, our Youth Clubs+ use RJiNEAR combined with multi-sports and workshops to build resilience in youth at risk.

The RJ4ALL Footsteps Forward project forms part of our long-term programme of building the world’s first Restorative Justice Postcode: using our post-code (SE16) and the values and principles of restorative justice, we set off on a journey to bring together those who hold local
power and our local community to build the world’s first restorative post-code. Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, we aspire to establish SE16 as a beacon of restorative justice, setting a global standard for community-driven conflict resolution and social cohesion.

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