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Youth EmPOWERed

Project Status: Closed

Youth EmPOWERed

Building the first restorative justice postcode in the world

The Youth Empowered Project

We are incredibly proud to present this local project aligned with our long term vision of building the first restorative justice postcode in the world! Designed by our Founder, Dr. Theo Gavrielides, and aligned with our RJ4All Sports mission it uses the power of sports to address inequalities and promote community cohesion.

Funded by the Ministry of Justice, Youth Empowered combines a series of free group and one-to-one sports, alongside personal development and mentoring activities, while building RJ4All Sports’ capacity to work more effectively with our local criminal justice partners.

Working closely with local partners such as Bacon’s College and the Youth Offending Service, Youth Empowered set off on an exciting journey that will put into practice the RJ4All positive and holistic approach to anti-social behaviour and community tensions.

To express an interest in taking part in any of our activities, whether your are a school, a teacher, a youth worker or a young person please contact

Measuring our impact

At RJ4All, we are passionate not only about what we do for our communities, but also in making sure that our impact is measured and put in the context of our charitable aims. Our organisation, as well as all individual projects, operate within a tailored Theory of Change model.

RJ4All worked and designed our Theory of Change for the programme outlining how the programme will contribute to enhancing positive outcomes for vulnerable young people within the context of youth offending and serious youth violence. 

Our project has also influenced the creation and content of Getting on Track, a briefing paper produced by StreetGames YJSF Consortium partner, the Sports for Development Coalition. The brief presents clear evidence-based recommendations and case studies to enhance the contribution of physical activity, sport, and sport for development on reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in the UK.

Please follow the links to view the Youth EmPOWERed project’s Theory of Change and the briefing paper.

Meet some of our role models and restorative justice practitioners:

Melanie Bruce has been mediating high conflict situations for over 25 years.


 The driving force behind the most successful Peer mediation project in the UK, Mel has trained thousands of young people from the age of 7 to 19 to be mediators in their schools and the local community.

Her project has received awards and recognition Locally, nationally, and internationally, this year the Peer mediation project in Bacon’s College has been shortlisted for the 2022 Peer mediation project of the year award.

Dr. Theo Gavrielides, RJ4All Founder and Director, is the designer and coordinator of Youth Empowred

Mediating since 1986, David has over 36 years Mediation/Restorative justice experience. 

He was recognised for his outstanding contribution to mediation when he was awarded an MBE in 2007.


David mediates in a wide range of situations ranging from working with residents groups, local authorities and private companies to as well as working on gang related conflict in London; including cases related to shootings, stabbings and homicide. 


Over the years David has featured on Sky 1, BBC News 24, BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, Channel 4, Nigerian TV & ITV. 

Training Opportunities

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