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RJ4All empowers restorative justice efforts with its new board member

RJ4All is delighted to welcome Prof. Verity Brown as the newest member of its Board of Non-Executive Directors. With her extensive expertise in Behavioural Neuroscience and strong research and academic capabilities, Prof. Brown brings valuable insights on crime prevention and poverty relief that will assist RJ4All in building its first restorative justice postcode model at SE16.

Prof. Brown brings over a decade of experience in senior management roles within UK Higher Education and currently holds teaching and managing roles at the University of East London and the University of St Andrews. Additionally, she leads a research lab at the University of St Andrews, where she and her team focus on studying the nature of executive function and dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders.

In expressing her dedication and enthusiasm to RJ4All, Prof. Brown conveyed:

“The principles of restorative justice are most often understood in the context of the criminal justice system. However, the principles apply just as effectively when addressing the consequences of any (even historic) actions that resulted in harm, including actions that are/were not illegal. Offering restorative justice for all is an alternative approach to addressing power abuse, poverty and conflict that replaces blame, guilt and punishment with dialogue, understanding and healing to bring about change. I am delighted to have been invited to join RJ4All as a Non-Executive Director and I look forward to contributing to this important cause.”

As a member of RJ4All’s Board of Non-Executive Directors, Prof. Brown will bring her extensive expertise to help promote the values of restorative justice. Working alongside other dedicated board members, they will hold the Founder and Director accountable, and in collaboration with user groups and staff teams, they will set and monitor the strategic direction of the institute.

Nick Johnson, a senior member of RJ4All’s Non-executive Director board, expressed his pleasure at Prof. Brown’s appointment by stating: 

 “I am delighted that Verity is joining us as a Non-Executive Director on the RJ4ALL board. Her academic credentials in the fields of crime prevention and poverty relief are second to none and serve to reaffirm RJ4All’s commitment to Restorative Justice as tool for addressing the imbalance of power in our communities.”

Dr. Theo Gavrielides, the Founder and Director of RJ4All, added that the biggest challenge the institute faced in the past year was not related to finance or project delivery, but rather finding individuals who share their passions, vision, and values. The addition of Prof. Brown is timely since RJ4All is expanding its restorative justice model to other countries and increasing its global presence. With the expertise and capabilities of its staff and board members, including Prof. Brown, RJ4All is well on its way to achieving its vision of a world embodied with restorative justice values.


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