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Victims Minister Responds to RJ4All: Victims’ Right to Restorative Justice

Press Release

For Immediate Release

On 3rd May 2024, the Minister for Victims and Safeguarding, Laura Farris MP, responded to RJ4All’s concerns and recommendations, as these had been raised in RJ4All’s Open Letter to Lord Bellamy. The RJ4All International Institute is preparing a thorough response to the Minister’s letter, which we will be sharing in due course. 

The government’s key points can be summarised as below:

“Clearly, there are some ‘wins’ for restorative justice and victims, but still a long way to go. RJ4All has worked closely with all parties to put evidence-based arguments forward, and we will continue to do so in consultation with restorative justice practitioners, harmed and harming parties. Progress is process, not an outcome, and I want to thank all Peers, MPs and individuals who supported our campaign so far”.

Professor Theo Gavrielides, PhD

RJ4All’s Founder and Director 


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Support victims' right to restorative justice

RJ4All’s mission is to inform policy design remains ongoing, employing a multi-faceted approach that integrates expert insights, community experiences, and public campaigns. By leveraging these diverse perspectives, RJ4All aims to elevate discussions about restorative justice and ensure its prominence in policy conversations.

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Restorative Justice for All International Institute (RJ4All)

RJ4All is a charitable international institute with a mission to address power abuse, conflict, and poverty through the use of restorative justice values and practices. We do this through a combination of restorative justice projects delivered both internationally and locally at the RJ4All Rotherhithe Community Centre in London.  We advance community cohesion, equality, human rights, and redistribute power by supporting civil society and delivering social justice and poverty relief projects, educational programmes and high-quality volunteering opportunities for marginalised groups.  


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