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Vani and Ramesh: Nurturing Hope Through Volunteerism

“When I witness the joy of the children and their parents during pick-up at the RJ4All Rotherhithe Community Centre, where I volunteer, it becomes evident that this experience is an unmissable part of life.” shared Vani, our RJ4All volunteer.

RJ4All, initially operated by volunteers, has expanded significantly thanks to the invaluable support of dedicated individuals. Among them are Vani and Ramesh, who are husband and wife and dedicated volunteers of RJ4All.  They have actively contributed to our initiatives, empowering local citizens and youth through restorative justice. Their journey with RJ4All commenced upon their arrival in London, driven by a deep appreciation for the organisation’s core values of diversity, dignity, and respect.

“Restorative Justice for children and young people is about restoration over retribution, understanding over punishment, and growth over condemnation. It focuses on changing behaviour, not the person, encouraging resilience and leading through a compassionate journey towards a brighter tomorrow,” shared Ramesh, appreciating the power of restorative justice in nurturing youth.

Empowering Youth: Inspiring Volunteerism

Children are the cornerstone of our future, and your efforts here truly contribute to the country’s development,” shared Vani.

With a steadfast commitment to empowering children and young people, Vani and Ramesh have been actively engaged in Youth Clubs+ activities at RJ4All for nearly six months. Their involvement includes organising activities, caring for children, and sharing their enthusiasm with them.

We strongly resonate with RJ4All’s approach to fostering youth resilience through participatory workshops and capacity-building activities, particularly by embracing the RJiNEAR Model,” expressed Vani.

The RJiNEAR model, innovated by RJ4All, encapsulates: 

RJ – Restorative justice +, 

I – Myself, 

N – New knowledge about myself, 

E – Emotional agility, 

A – Awareness of options & choice, 

R – Responding with growth ‘in spite of …’

Beyond their contributions to the Youth Club+, Vani and Ramesh actively participate in RJ4All’s diverse community initiatives, including digital drop-ins, well-being circles, and restorative justice training sessions. Their collaboration extends to working closely with the youth supported by RJ4All.

Volunteering Journey of a Lifetime

The journey with RJ4All began long before Vani and Ramesh arrived in London. In Cyprus, they devoted their time and energy to work with a church community. This community focused on assisting the handicapped, supporting the elderly, and aiding young girls who had faced adversity.

Vani and Ramesh take great pride in the realisation that their interactions with children and parents during their time with RJ4All have embodied their commitment to instilling core British values – mutual respect, democracy, and individual liberty. 

Their story unfolds further. In their compassionate quest to give back, they serve as a reminder that the beating heart of compassion can make a world of difference.

Join Vani and Ramesh in championing youth resilience by supporting our Crowdfunding campaign below.


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