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What is the RJ4All digital hub?

As part of the national mission to tackle digital exclusion, RJ4All has built its brand new digital hub, a free space for the community to connect and learn basic digital skills. In a world where everything is online, we got you covered.
Whether you are looking for a safe, free and fast place to connect or you want to improve your internet usage, the RJ4All digital hub is a place for you.

What do we provide?

In our digital hub, we provide a safe online space for everyone to connect easily to the internet. It is also a space for digital skills development. Everyone who comes is free to access computers, tablets free SIM cards and a fast connection alongside online resources.

On top of that, we have different digital training on various topics.

Digital drop-ins

At RJ4All we believe that digital exclusion is one of the biggest inequalities of the 21st century. That is the reason why we established digital drop-ins every Thursday afternoon from 4 to 6 pm.

During this time, people will receive:

– 1 to 1 support on basic digital skills (i.g. how to set up a video call, how to book a GP appointment online)

– Free SIM cards

– Help with online form fillings (i.g. benefits, allowances etc)

– Tablet loans

– Learning how to sell items online (clothes on Vinted, home amenities on Gumtree …)

Free digital training & basic skill

Here at RJ4All digital hub, we run a series of free digital training, such as “Learn my way”, which is a programme that we run in Partnership with the Good Things Foundation. It consists of an online learning platform with themed lessons to foster digital inclusion. Topics include, but are not limited to:

Online Safety

To connect safely

Online communication

To stay in touch with your distant loved ones

Online banking

To manage your money effectively and safely

Health Services online

To keep up with your health

State of Digital Exclusion Report: Southwark (SE16) and the United Kingdom

RJ4All is dedicated to establishing the world’s first restorative justice postcode in Southeast London’s SE16 area, focusing on local empowerment and poverty alleviation. Central to our work, this postcode project compels us to identify, research, and confront challenges affecting our community members.


We have identified a concerning rise in ‘digital exclusion’ in the UK, specifically in Southwark, which was reflected in our newly released digital exclusion report. Within Southwark and Lewisham, a staggering 16,000 individuals are reported to be offline, with profound implications for their well-being, employability, and access to essential services. This impact is especially pronounced for those already grappling with social exclusion and the pervasive poverty levels in our community. We cordially invite you to read the attached report for a more in-depth understanding.

Researching digital exclusion and campaigning

As part of our mission to eradicate the deep causes of inequalities, RJ4All is undertaking an evidence-based campaign to ask for structural policies that will tackle the issue. We are doing so by gathering evidence about the situation in SE16, promoting our digital skills training and monitoring our users. With that evidence, we aim to connect the policy sector with real-life situations and data about our work and promote structural policies. If you wish to be part of the campaign, do not hesitate to reach out!

Some Data

270.000 people

Completely offline

2 Millions

With very limited capacity to access banking and health services


In need of constant assistance

22% UK population

Don't have basic everyday life digital skills

Our funders

Support us!​

Our centre staff is trained in mental health first aid

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