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The 3 Rs project

Project Status: Closed

The 3 Rs project: Restoring Respect in Rotherhithe

About the Project

The 3Rs project was a youth focused project aiming to address the underlying attitudes that often lead to division, intolerance and ignorance within local communities in South East London. Using the values of restorative justice (such as equality, power sharing and dignity), the 3Rs project encouraged integration in our local area in SE16 London by providing art-based activities, exhibitions and restorative justice workshops focusing on cultural awareness with an emphasis on current issues of local concern (i.e.. faith-based discrimination and racism).
Over 18 months, the project provided out of school educational and recreational opportunities to children and young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds through:
    • creative and restorative justice workshops
    • participation in community exhibitions 
    • online competitions and award ceremonies
    • Through these workshops, exhibitions and ceremonies, the 3R’s project helped to educate children and young people, and provided them with valuable social experiences.  

Key Project Objectives

    • Challenge ideas and attitudes that lead to vision and cultural misunderstanding
    • Celebrate, learn and share our cultural differences and similarities
    • Create a safe community space for open dialogueRemove barriers to education and extracurricular activities
    • Create an opportunity for local children and young people to learn about what unites rather than what divides them.

Project Background

Rotherhithe and its surrounding areas have always been one of the country’s most deprived communities. SE16 has seen considerable changes in its population composition, landscape and available opportunities. These changes are slowly creating divisions between the established communities and new residents. It is our belief that by working with children we can create long term systemic changes in our community that will bring people together and create a cohesive and understanding community. That is why the 3R’s project focused on the most marginalised and isolated groups in the area – children from lower socio-economic backgrounds. 

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