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What some of our funder & partners say about us

“Without doubt you are a providing a very worthwhile and much needed service.”


Joan Mary Major


London Catalyst

“It sounds like, post-Covid, residents are coming to appreciate your inclusive community hub, especially now that you have the Warm, Happy and Connected project. On behalf of the WCIT members and WCIT Charity, I wish you continued success with your work and the community centre. Thank you.”

Grants Manager at WCIT, 2023

“It is fantastic to hear about the impact RJ4ALL digital hub has made. I will share with my wider team”

Good Things Foundation

Thank you so much for the excellent project. Great to hear about its progress and to receive your Theory of Change. It’s a really neat and clear example of how much thought you have put into the programme.”

Lyndsey Phillips, Community Safety Manager, London & South East  StreetGames, 2023

“We were absolutely delighted to be able to team up with Art-Invest to support RJ4ALL’s work in the community. Decathlon’s passion is making the fun and benefits of sport more accessible for the many, so we can’t wait to see the positive impact that the community sports youth clubs will have on young people in our local community.”


Delphine Mazillier, Head of CSR at Decathlon, 2022

“London Sport have worked with RJ4All since 2019 including funding projects around inclusive sailing and addressing youth Isolation. RJ4All are committed to including sport and physical activity within their broader approach to community development and support. This is particularly embodied in

their management of the Rotherhithe Community Centre which alongside a great new gym facility, offers an exciting range of activities and services for people in the surrounding area. We look forward to hearing about their future plans and collaborating going forward.”


Rob McLean, Relationship Manager at London Sport, 2022

We have worked with RJ4All on the CALM project since 2021. They have been an excellent partner, providing support to all activities and recruiting the most suitable participants. We are looking forward to the organisation of a 3-day training course in London, as well as more contributions to this and future projects!”

Marianna, Funding Manager and Project Writer at IASIS, 2022

“​At ​Plan Zheroes ​we are​ full of admiration for the amazing work done by Restorative Justice For All. Their aims and objectives, to promote justice and human rights, are more important than ever in today’s world. We are pleased to have the opportunity to support their foodbank, providing help to South London residents at a time when so many people are affected by food poverty.” 

Chris Wilkie, co-Founder of Plan Zheroes, 2022

“KARAVAN has worked with RJ4All on the SMART Project since 2020. It is a unique experience and honour to work with Prof. Theo Gavrielides and his amazing team. He keeps writing novel projects. We have created a regular partnership with RJ4ALL for our future projects – we are glad and proud of making collaborations with RJ4All for upcoming projects. We hope we will find opportunity to work for not only Erasmus projects but also HORIZON Projects to demonstrate the essential empathy and awareness to resolve similar issues at national and international levels.”

Cihan Kocaman, President of KARAVAN, 2022

“In 2019 One Terrene International (OTI) started a project with RJ4ALL, “a chance for change”. Although we partnered in this project offering our strengths to the partnership, we were also eager to learn from the partnership and the project. Restorative justice was something new to us, we had worked on projects ensuring justice and equality, restorative justice was something we needed to learn more about.

The project focused on gender-based violence working with youth workers to combat and prevent gender-based, especially among youth. With an amazing partnership, we built a project creating educational modules for youth workers on the subject, and although the project was extremely successful, the learning and growth we as an organisation underwent was beyond our expectations. Not only did this project allow us to learn more about restorative justice and become more active in our activities and the services we offered our member, youth and partner organisations, it opened doors to new projects that will impact the lives of more people in Europe and the world.

Working with RJ4ALL allowed us to add new elements of justice, equity and equality into our existing projects, and new partnerships for new projects for the future. We have built a great relationship with RJ4ALL and have started working on new projects that will impact different sectors and European concerns, including education, employment, research and policy.

We have included RJ4ALL as a preferred partner in all our future projects, and we believe this partnership will only strengthen as we work together to make change in our world, one step at a time.”


Marios Efthymiou, President of One Terrene International, 2022

“Khulisa UK are delighted to have engaged RJ4All to conduct a longitudinal assessment of our Rehabilitation Social Action Fund project. This is a high-profile initiative for the UK government and, therefore, a critical piece of delivery for us to get right and evidence our impact. The RJ4All team come with great credentials and experience as well as the direct support and input from a wide range of experts and academics in related fields. In particular, we chose RJ4All because they combine the rigour of standard quantitative analysis with action research methodologies matched only by leading international institutes”.



Simon Fulford, CEO Khulisa, 2017

“It is a great honour to work with Dr. Theo Gavrielides and his effective RJ4All team. Restorative Justice International (RJI) looks forward to implementing our joint vision for restorative justice and collaborating in ways that change lives and lower crime rates locally, nationally and internationally. Globally, justice systems are desperate for real solutions to crime and violence that will work to restore crime victims while transforming offenders and making communities safer. Restorative justice is just that answer and the work of RJ4All at the international level as a credible institute is a unique contribution”.



Lisa Rea, RJI President and Founder, 2018

“It has been a pleasure working with RJ4All, which has become a synonym to human rights, access to justice and all the actions that allow human beings to have equal opportunities in life. 

Professor Theo Gavrielides and his team have demonstrated an amazing ability to help build brighter and better futures internationally. It is important to us is that RJ4ALL pays special attention to our local communities. 

As a local art-based no-profit, we know that there are different aspects that cause challenges in them and faced by local residents but RJ4ALL addresses these in significant and measurable ways. As soon as we thought outside of ourselves and worked collectively, we’ve got the capability to positively influence the condition of local families through skills development, events and networking opportunities to them. RJ4ALL is the ideal body to work with, the unique combination of the team, their values and knowledge they have shared with us to change futures in a world going through regenerations. It’s an honour to work collaboratively with RJ4All”. 


Bizzie Bodies (UK)

Emilie Mensy, Founder and Director of Bizzie Bodies, 2019

“Our collaboration with RG4All began in 2019, when our first European project “A Chance for Change: Empowerment & Restoration” has been approved and we started to work closely together for the implementation of the project.  RJ4All consists of people with a high level of professionalism, skills, knowledge and efficiency and this reflects on the quality of our common work.


Furthermore, professor Theo Gavrielidis and his team deeply believe in the principles of Restorative Justice and they are confident that their implementation can actually make a difference in the penal systems of the countries and promote peace in the community. This has a very positive impact in all of us and motivates us to spread the principles of Restorative Justice even more.   


We are proud having RJ4All to our network of partners and hopping to continue our collaboration in the future.”



Panagiotis Amoiridis, Manager and Legal Representative, 2020

“Working with RJ4A opened experiences to a parallel international world with a mix of international expertise with a very wide background and coming from difference countries’ contexts. The strength that RJ4A demonstrates in involving so many interests from different partners who finally find themselves united to the same issues, is enlightening and also worthy for our future. 

It is with pleasure for me and our staff to carry out activities that focus and have the same attention on social, development and integration aspects of the different layers of the society that are often at odds with each other. Professor Gavrielides and the RJ4All team show all the necessary sensitivity and awareness to find solutions to similar problems at local, national and international levels. We need these kind of collaborative experiences for the future”.


ICSE & Co (Italy)

Aferdite Shani, President-Project manager of ICSE & Co, 2019

“We have worked together with RJ4All for designing interventions tailored to the specific needs and challenges of various vulnerable groups facing the danger of social exclusion and marginalisation. 


The solid background and innovative utilisation of social justice brought by the RJ4All led to a maximum impact and sustainability of the designed actions, enhancing significantly their added value for the end beneficiaries. Hence, we truly believe that RJ4All can bring a significant added value when it comes to tackling challenging problems for target groups with very special socio-economic characteristics, contributing actively to their social inclusion and ultimately to social cohesion.”


Symplexis (Greece), Georgios Alexopoulos 

“After receiving the invitation from RJ4All to join our first project together  “A Chance for Change: Empowerment & Restoration”, we were creatively and positively stressed about the academic, scientific and professional standards that RJ4All has established in their expertise.


As we work with youth on an international level mostly through exchanges, volunteerism and other EU opportunities, we were excited in bringing this new knowledge about Restorative Justice to our work as we were not familiar with this prior of this project. This experience is beneficial not only for the organisation internally but also locally here in Cyprus. We feel that while this partnership and project is developing, we are building a strong foundation for Gender Based Violence (GBV) prevention tools for youth workers and youth.


It’s only the start of our collaboration that is evolving to a very promising future.”


One Terrene International (OTI) (Cyprus)

Theo Mavrosavva, International Projects Manager, 2020

“Working with marginalized youth, especially with rural youth for over 9 years made us look permanently for new partners that could help and support us in bringing back TRUST in the communities we work in. And RJ4ALL is an amazing network of partners that have the knowledge and expertise that every grassroots organization needs. Exceptional training and learning activities, experts with great experience on different topics and an outstanding set of values attached!”


Adina Marina Șerban, PhD – President 
Center for Sustainable Community Development (România)

“Our collaboration with RJ4All has been efficient and pleasant. RJ4All’s team is highly engaged with the Bring-In project, exchanging ideas and resources with the partnership while producing high quality deliverables. Their input in the research phase has been invaluable, as the team is dedicated to conducting in depth research and producing robust reports that could be used to inform policy change.”

Christina Ioannou, EU-funded Projects’ Coordinator at Panteion University

“RJ4ALL has been a great partner over the past years as the CSI was evolving, along with it. RJ4ALL encompasses major professional virtues combining both scientific competencies and work ethics. RJ4ALL values its partners at the highest level and collaborates with openness and fairness. Mostly, nevertheless, RJ4ALL is an assets for our European societies as it always prioritizes justice, contribution, solidarity and empowerment of all citizens!”


Center for Social Innovation (CSI)  (Cyprus), Sotiris Themistokleous PhD-Director of Strategic Development

“My experience working with Restorative Justice 4 All and Dr. Gavrielides was stellar. He and his

team managed the project well and were responsive and helpful throughout the two years we worked together.”


Daniela Jaramillo-Dent, former Researcher at University of Huelva, 2022

“I have had the privilege of knowing & collaborating with Dr. Theo Gavrielides for many years on Restorative Approaches and have been so impressed with the work that RJ4All does.

At CIC, we hold the principles of UBUNTU very close to the centre of all of our work with people to overcome challenges in their lives and to ensure that they generate the best possible futures for themselves and their families / communities. Often this process involves restoring something that has been damaged, hurt or broken and we know that the power of following both a coaching and a restorative approach ensures that our participants’ own sense of autonomy and agency returns and new (previously impossible) opportunities open up for them.

This approach is particularly useful when working with ‘over-labelled’ young people who are often referred to as being ‘hard to reach’, ‘ at risk’, ‘disenfranchised’, ‘marginalised’, ‘oppressed’, ‘minoritised’ or ‘challenging’ as it enables them to separate their true selves from their behaviour or experiences and to then to develop a true sense of how powerful they are and how they can create the best next chapter in their lives. We very much look forward to continuing to support and partner with RJ4All in coming years as the restorative approach is needed now more than ever!”

Robin Lockhart, Director of Development at Catalyst In Communities, 2022

“We started our cooperation with Restorative Justice for All and Professor Gavrielides in 2018, working together in the development and implementation of projects funded by the European Union. 

As an organisation working in the field of mental health and focusing on the protection of rights of vulnerable groups, we fully appreciate RJ4All commitment to the values of restorative justice, such as equality, dignity and respect. Moreover, we value the whole team’s field experience and academic expertise along with the high level of professionalism they demonstrate in our collaboration. 

Sharing common goals and principles, we consider RJ4All as a valuable partner and we are looking forward to our further cooperation.”

Department of European Projects – “EDRA” Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups, 2019

“As part of our commitment to supporting the local community here in Canada Water, we are thrilled to be supporting RJ4All in the establishment of a much-needed community gym. This is the first year of our Health & Wellbeing Fund, in partnership with Decathlon UK, and we look forward to continuing to work with and support local community organisations in Canada Water for many years to come, to bring forward a range of health and wellbeing initiatives.”

Will Oakes, Development Manager at Art-Invest, 2022

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