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Sport England supports RJ4All’s RJiNEAR model to Foster Youth Resilience


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London, March 2024: The Restorative Justice International Institute (RJ4All) has bolstered its capacity and resources to enhance youth resilience with its recent grant from Sport England, supported by the National Lottery. With this additional funding and the implementation of its meticulously designed RJiNEAR model, the organisation is dedicated to extending the provision of Resilience-building Youth Club+ during this year. This initiative will benefit nearly 300 young individuals through a comprehensive blend of training, sports activities, and community engagement, all guided by the RJiNEAR model.

RJiNEAR stands for Restorative Justice, I, myself, New Knowledge about myself, Emotional intelligence, Awareness of values, of options, of choice and Responding with growth.  It is the result of a multi-year pilots led by RJ4All Founder and Director, Prof. Theo Gavrielides and other academics. The model emphasises resilience as a capacity that can be nurtured through social participation, promotion of talents and strength, and the development of positive identities. Anna Fosse-Galtier, the UK Operations Director shared:

“At RJ4All, RJiNEAR has been consistently promoted to young people through RJ4All’s annual Youth Club+ programme, which features a diverse range of activities spanning from resilience workshops to sports to arts and crafts”.

Sport is a significant activity in all Youth Club+ facilitated by RJ4All. Photo: RJ4All

The RJiNEAR model sets RJ4All’s Youth Club+ apart, with its primary focus on empowering young individuals to cultivate greater self-awareness of their passions, strengths, emotions, and the development of their emotional intelligence. By employing user-centred activity design, Youth Club+ serves as a safe environment where young people can foster positivity, creativity, a sense of belonging, and embody the values of power-sharing, dialogue, equality, and autonomy. A parent, who has her children joining the February Youth Club+, shared: 

“The Youth Club+ has enabled their young people to ‘socialise and become more confident”, urging RJ4All to ‘please continue these clubs’.

The grant is part of Sport England’s mission to address inequality through partnership with like-minded organisation like RJ4All. They have invested over £250 million of National Lottery and public money every year to increase access to sports facilities and bring people together through sport and physical activity.

“We are so excited for the continuation of this profoundly impactful programme. This grant will allow us to further cultivate youth resilience within the community and enhance access to youth sports”

We would like to extend our deep thanks to Sport England for their confidence in us: this partnership demonstrates a shared commitment to empowering youth and fostering positive community engagement. 


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