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Speak Up! RJ4All’s Community Forum 2020

Speak Up! Community Forum

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Feedback from the Speak Up! Community Forum

On 10th March, we hosted a community forum to discuss changes that the local community have been going through in recent years. These include the Canada Water “Master Plan”, rising crime levels, community division and issues of housing, public spaces and parking.

The event was part of our “Speak Up” project, funded by Southwark Council. The project aims to encourage local families within Canada Water, Bermondsey, Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks to come together to share their experiences and make recommendations for local decision makers, while increasing awareness of important changes implemented in the area. The project uses the restorative justice values of power sharing, equality, dignity, and involvement in decision-making to facilitate open and constructive dialogue.

The event was attended by a range of local business owners, community groups and residents. Councillor Nick Johnson (Liberal Democrats, Surrey Docks ward), Saul Collyns (Community Engagement Manager at British Land), staff and volunteers from Restorative Justice for All were also in attendance. We thank everyone who attended and contributed to the lively debate!

We have prepared a report based on the discussion and the online questionnaires which have been sent to British Land, Southwark Council, the Mayor of London and other influential decision makers. The report summarizes the main concerns raised at the community forum and outlines the solutions proposed by the community.

Download the report created by RJ4All HERE
Download British Land’s response HERE

Canada Water's Master Plan

Crime Prevention and safety

Local Opportunities, young people and jobs

Housing, public spaces & parking

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