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As part of our mission for local voices to be heard, empowered and included in decision-making processes that they are impacted by, we hold regular Speak Up restorative justice community forums at our Community Centre in SE16 London.

At RJ4All, we believe that power abuse is the biggest silent driver of inequalities, human rights violations and community tensions. We want to root out greed and disseminate power in a more equal way. We believe that we can do this by starting locally from our own neighbourhood in South East London. In the shadow of the COVID pandemic, followed by the cost-of-living crisis and countless day-to-day challenges, we want to be there for our local community, acknowledge the hardships faced, and provide the space for expression and the amplification of local voices.


Restoring trust and building stronger and more resilient communities cannot be treated through quick-fix solutions. They are long-term ambitions that require participation and the dissemination of power through community dialogue such as the one we offer through these events. We use the values (e.g. power sharing, equality, dignity and respect) and practices (e.g. circles) to hold these events chaired by RJ4All’s Founder and Director, Dr. Theo Gavrielides.

The Speak Up! forums form a part of our exciting vision of building the first restorative justice postcode. 


Speak Up! in 2024
Speak Up! in 2023
Speak Up! in 2023
Speak Up! in 2020


When are they held?

Every quater throughout the year. Check out this tab, or get in touch to find out when the next one is.


Who attends?

Local residents, business owners, parents, councillors, young people, entrepreneurs, and key decision makers including representatives of Southwark Council, the Mayor’s office and central government.

How does it work?

Our founder and director, Dr. Theo Gavrielides, leads the discussion in a restorative justice circle. You can opt in (and out) to join the discussion when you feel comfortable.


How much does it cost to join?

Although these events are not funded, they are free. Refreshments, food and stationary are also provided for free. If you wish to support them and our mission, please consider donating through the link on this page.

What people say about Speak Up!

"an invaluable opportunity for us to listen to local concerns and to be able to share our experience and advice to the group”

Funders & Supporters

Watch this video to see how our second community forum went!

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