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Speak Up! RJ4All’s Community Circle

Thursday 25th July, 2024

5:00 pm-6:30 pm

Your voice can transform SE16!

Invitation to Our 'Speak Up!' Circle in July

At RJ4All, we believe that every voice in our community matters. You, more than anyone, understand the daily challenges faced by SE16 residents. Your insights and ideas are the key to creating lasting solutions that truly work for our community.

That’s why we created Speak Up! – a dynamic circle where you can highlight the issues that matter most to you and join hands to build a stronger, more resilient community. Speak Up! Circle also gives opportunities to foster connections between residents and stakeholders to address the real issues affecting our community, particularly in light of the current cost of living and escalating social conflicts. 

As a participant, you’re in the driver’s seat, sharing your thoughts and ideas freely. We are just here to facilitate the conversation, ensuring that our discussions are grounded in the restorative justice values of community empowerment, power-sharing and respect for dignity.

This circle is an opportunity for all. Whether you are a local resident, business owner, parent, councillor, young person, or entrepreneur, your voice is powerful – Let’s use it to create positive change!

Your mental health matters: This Speak Up! topic

In the UK, mental health problems are the leading contributor to disability and can affect people at any stage in their lives, including new mothers, children, teenagers, adults and older people. The current situation in Southwark reveals an alarming pattern of deteriorating mental health among residents.

1 in 5 adults

people experience a common mental disorder


people have severe mental disorder

suicide rates

in Southwark than the national average

To solve this problem, our Speak Up! circle facilitates residents in Southwark to explore the root causes and solutions of poor mental health. We want to investigate how community member’s perceive their mental health, and of those around them, through a discussion and an activity. The focus of the discussion will be determined by our participants as we collectively explore: 

  • Personal experiences: What does good or poor mental health mean to you?
  • Root causes:  What are the root causes of poor mental health in our community?
  • Practical solutions: What services, facilities, and resources are needed to improve mental health?

Through this circle, we aim to understand and address the community’s mental health needs effectively. If you plan to attend, please vote for the topic you wish to discuss here.

Join us, speak up and make a difference!

The discussion will be facilitated by the RJ4All team in a restorative justice peace circle model.

“RJ4All’s Speak Up! circle adopts the form of a restorative justice circle, allowing all parties to speak in a spirit of respect. This aims to amplify the voice and participation of local people in decision-making processes.”

– Dr. Theo Gavrielides, Founder and Director of RJ4All

Following the success of our former successful “Speak Up!” Community Circles, we have made it our priority to implement these circles on a regular basis throughout the year.



At the RJ4All Rotherhithe Community Centre

30 Plough Way, London SE16 2LJ

At RJ4All Rotherhithe Community Centre

30 Plough Way, London SE16 2LJ

Registration is free and freebies, snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Please note, participants will be required to have reviewed and approved our consent form as part of their online registrations. If you have any questions, please email us at

What did the community share in our circle?

Read the Open Letter From the Community Consultation

The Speak Up! Community Circle, convened on February 7th, was a resounding success, drawing the participation of 21 community members from Southwark. During this circle, the community members express their demand for community spaces, funding for mental health services and  expressed concern regarding safety and prevalence of violence and crime.

A shared vision for community empowerment, active involvement, collaborative efforts, and equitable power distribution has emerged as common objectives. You can view the Impact Report from the February Circle below.

What are people saying about our circle?

“The community meeting obviously raised some issues that I have become aware of while working in the borough such as important areas of trust and empowerment. I recognise the importance of working collaboratively to support the community and also acknowledge that the residents know best their own area and should be enabled to take the lead on issues that affect them. This is why we help to recruit local digital volunteers and encourage them to work in centres such as yours.”


Member of the Digital Engagement team of Southwark Council

“It sounds like the Speak Up! Circle was a very powerful one indeed … we are always happy to advocate for charities and community groups as best we can. I would be happy to meet with you”

Team Member of Community Southwark


“Cabinet Member for Community Safety in Southwark has received our email and proposed to meet us to discuss further! “


Cabinet Member for Community Safety

Making strides towards an empowered community and a restorative justice postcode

This circle forms a part of our exciting vision of building the first restorative justice postcode. This is a collaborative initiative with local stakeholders aimed at embedding restorative justice principles in local institutions, thereby creating a more equitable community.

The community circle complements our holistic suite of services, which includes free and accessible sports, well-being support, Youth Club+, a food bank, and various community engagement activities. These initiatives collectively aim to empower the community, foster social cohesion, and facilitate a more equitable distribution of power.

This is because, at our foundations as RJ4All, we believe that power abuse is the biggest silent driver of inequalities, human rights violations and community tensions. We want to root out greed and disseminate power in a more equal way. And we believe we can do this starting locally from our own neighbourhood in South East London.

Join our Restorative Justice Postcode project!

The Speak Up! Circle in July is supported by Rotherhithe Consolidated Charities

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