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Setting Relations Right:

Transforming conflict into cooperation through group conferencing

Three-day Professional Development Workshop

This workshop provides 3 days of training on the practical theory of restorative practices and relationship management. The workshop is relevant for facilitators, managers, policymakers, and evaluators. Workshop participants will:

examine dispute-handling and conflict management techniques for addressing challenging situations in justice, health and education systems, and in families, workplaces, residential &/or other communities;

distinguish several formats of the group conferencing process and related skills for addressing conflict &/or complex issues, &/or promoting conflict resilience;

identify situations that can be addressed effectively using these techniques;

practise facilitation techniques that can be applied in a wide range of situations;

understand how these techniques support broader systems of relationship management.

Training schedule

All participants will receive a copy of Setting Relations Right in Restorative Practice. This 2024 text is consistent with the Best Practice Standards developed by the Australian Association of Restorative Justice (AARJ) for Group Conference facilitation.

What participants say about our course

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