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Welcome to the RJ4All Charity Shop and Hygiene Bank located at the RJ4All Rotherhithe Centre.

Shop from us

Open Monday-Friday 9:30 am – 17:30pm.

Pop in and browse our selection of everyday items, clothes, shoes, games, bric-a-brac, premium hygiene products, and more!


As a non-profit organisation, all the proceeds from products go to fund the essential services that we provide, like our food bank, wellbeing services, and charitable activities.

You can also support us online through our sales on Vinted.

We take cash and card at the charity shop.
Open during normal operating hours.

We are also looking for donations in kind to help the functioning of our centre and improve our services for residents and service users. Please find below a list of items we would welcome donations:

    • Laptops & Laptop screen

    • Good headsets 

    • Radiators 

    • Air fryer

    • Cargo bike (with carrying wagon)

    • Desk chair

    • Desk lamp

    • Small armchair with pillow

    • Diffuser

    • Up-lighting lamps

    • Hoover

    • Board Games & Youth games 

We also welcome food donations which will be redistributed to service users.

Below is a list of food items which are easy for us to store and redistribute: 

    • Canned food 
    • Rice/Pasta 
    • Oil/vinegar
    • Coffee/Tea/UHT long life milk/long life juices/Cereals 
    • Snacks (incl. healthy snacks such as breadsticks/crackers)
    • Drinks
    • Cereals

Interested in volunteering for our Charity Shop? We are always looking for volunteers to support our cause.

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