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Project Ambassadors: Involvement and Contribution

During its second meeting, the Steering Group created the important role of Project Ambassador to support the project. The role of “Project Ambassador” within the SE16 Restorative Justice Postcode project is characterised by a flexible and open level of engagement. Project Ambassadors serve as valuable ambassadors and contributors to the project, enhancing its outreach and impact through their diverse networks and perspectives. The commitment is designed to be more adaptable, allowing advocates to participate in various activities, events, and research efforts at their convenience.

Commitment and Communication:

Project Ambassadors are encouraged to maintain a loose yet active connection to the project. While there is no set frequency of meetings, they will be communicated by the Research Coordinator regularly, ensuring they are amongst the first to know about any developments, activities, or events within the project. In turn, Project Ambassadors are welcome to share their opinions, ideas, networks and relevant events happening in the field where the SE16 Restorative Justice Postcode project could be a good fit. Additionally, the Steering Group should take into account and discuss any idea and proposal deriving from the Project Ambassadors.

Dissemination and News:

Project Ambassadors can play a crucial role in the dissemination of project information. They are included in the circulation of news, updates, and relevant content, and are encouraged to share these within their networks. This sharing extends to events, research findings, and any noteworthy achievements, fostering a collaborative approach to promoting restorative justice in the SE16 postcode.
Project Ambassadors are not only granted permission to use the project’s logo but are also encouraged to proudly display it as a symbol of their unwavering commitment and pledge to the project’s goals and values.

Involvement in Activities

Project Ambassadors will have an open invitation to participate in various project activities. Their involvement may range from attending events, providing input on research efforts, or contributing to awareness-raising initiatives. This flexibility allows advocates to engage in ways that align with their interests and availability.

The primary purpose of Project Advocates is to enhance at their convenience and whenever they are available the project’s outreach and impact through their involvement in various capacities:

  1. Networking and Outreach: Utilise personal and professional networks to promote the project within the SE16 community and beyond.
  2. Participation in Events: Attend project events, workshops, and activities, contributing insights and feedback.
  3. Dissemination: Share project updates, news, and relevant content within personal and professional networks.
  4. Idea Generation: Offer opinions and ideas to enrich the project’s direction and impact positively.
  5. Collaboration: Provide a bridge between the project and external stakeholders, fostering partnerships and collaborations.
  6. Feedback and Support: Offer constructive feedback on project activities, results, and impact, contributing to continuous improvement.

Flexibility and Inclusivity:

The role of Project Advocates is designed to be adaptable, ensuring that individuals with varying levels of availability and commitment can contribute meaningfully to the project. Their involvement remains instrumental in creating a diverse and inclusive network dedicated to the success of the SE16 Restorative Justice Postcode project.

Project focus for Project Advocates

  • Police case-load and statistical work (MET police, Safer Neighbourhood Teams, etc.) and criminality in SE16 and Southwark Council more broadly,
  • Young people (under the age of 25),
  • Vulnerable people,
  • The role of arts, culture, and media in our initiative,
  • Live experienced evidence and voices from the criminal justice system,
  • Local enterprise sector,
  • Education settings and schools – local networks in SE16,
  • Local community.

Ambassador Declaration

I, as a dedicated Project Ambassador, declare my unwavering commitment to support the goals and objectives of the project and remain involved in the realisation of the project to the best of my capacity. I recognise the importance of my role in championing its mission and will strive to contribute my skills, time, and enthusiasm to foster the success and growth of the project.

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