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Rotherhithe Sailing Together

Project Status: Closed

Rotherhithe Sailing Together - Get Active!

Addressing health inequalities improving community cohesion

The Rotherhithe Sailing Together (RST) project was put together by RJ4All Sports to address health inequalities in Rotherhithe where we are based. Working closely with the Southwark Inclusive Sport and Physical Activity Network, RST targets deaf and disabled people with the aim of teaching them how to sail and providing them with a boat and skilled volunteers to help them sail. The project will also engage them in high quality volunteering relating to sailing.

Our philosophy is to encourage all sailors with disabilities to develop their sailing skills such that they eventually may, if they wish and are confident enough, become solo sailors and thus take complete personal control. This personal responsibility is often the only time in their lives,

when they are not dependent on their caring assistants for support. The freedom and independence gained when sailing autonomously can be a very fulfilling and liberating experience, building confidence and developing new skills.

We have strong evidence to believe that sailing and volunteering offer the opportunity for engagement across abilities, working in teams and building relationships. Sailing builds confidence and gets disabled and able people together independently of social class and cultures. It is a powerful tool to improve health outcomes, reduce health inequalities and foster community cohesion and reach socially isolated groups such as disabled young people.

Project Aims


Sailing in Greenland Dock

Sailing took place at Greenland Dock (SE16 London) and occasionally up the river. It started from 9/01/2022 and has now closed. We would sail on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays between April-October as well as Sundays in the remaining months. Each session was 1.5 hours.

Volunteering & Social Action

As part of the project, we supported volunteers to help them engage in social action and disability awareness activitites.


Download the Developing Disability Networks Toolkit here.

Participation was free!

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