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International Restorative Justice Week 2021


Every year, the RJ4All International Institute celebrates International Restorative Justice Week #RJWeek. Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of restorative justice practices, and the restorative justice ethos.

From the 21st of November until the 28th of November 2021, our staff, interns and volunteers will post free resources and inspiring quotes that we hope can help increase awareness of restorative justice.

RJ4All is the leading international restorative justice network of restorative justice researchers, practitioners and organisations. Join us if you believe in the power of restorative justice and our collective, international mission! You can also join our Restorative Justice Research Network group, the largest Facebook group about restorative justice!


Monday: What is restorative justice?

Tuesday: Domestic violence

Wednesday: Counter extremism

Thursday: Restorative Justice and Art

Friday: Intersex Awareness

Saturday: Homelessness

Sunday: Real Life Examples of RJ in Practice


Blog: “Mental Health and Restorative Dialogue Against Violent Radicalisation” HERE

Blog: “Restorative Justice and Homelessness” HERE

Blog: “Black History Month” HERE

Blog: “Why does RJ Matter? HERE

Blog: “Gangs and Youth Violence. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic” HERE

Blog: “Child Sexual Abuse and Restorative Justice” HERE

Blog: “International Justice Week 2020: The post COVID19 era” HERE

Blog: “Menstrual hygiene and Homelessness” HERE

As part of RJ4All’s Youtube channel, we are pleased to offer this webinar series by Prof. Theo Gavrielides.

Webinars are added on a continuous basis and cover themes such as what is restorative justice as well as its application within the criminal justice system, schools, the community and much more. Sign up to our channel to receive notifications for new webinars, which you are welcome to use for yourself or your teaching.

The Restorative Justice series are published by RJ4All Publications which is an independent publisher, specialising in social sciences and the publication of cutting-edge research on restorative justice, criminal justice, equality and human rights.

RJ4All Publications is the publishing arm of the RJ4All International Institute (Company no: 08684719), and the publisher of the leading international, peer reviewed Internet Journal of Restorative Justice (IJRJTM) and the Youth Voice Journal (YVJTM)


What a better way to learn about restorative justice and the various topics that will be touched upon during International RJ Week than through the medium of video! Check out the various videos below to begin your learning journey today! For more content check out the RJ4All Youtube channel here!

Free E-Courses:

RJ4All Publications #rjweek21

Partners' resources #rjweek21

British Journal of Community Justice

Peace of the circle newsletter

RJC conference

Alberta Restorative Justice Association



January 24-25, London

Pandemic no More: Overcoming gender-based violence, exclusion and mental health challenges

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