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At RJ4All, we always deliver what it “says on the tin”! Restorative Justice for All and not for the few or for those who can afford it. As part of our mission to spread the restorative justice ethos, practice and methodology, we set up this free e-library in order to give access to high-quality publications on restorative justice and other social justice themes. 

The e-library is updated on a regular basis with new resources that we obtain through open access. We only ask that you respect the Terms of Usage and the authors’ copyrights. 

This e-library is also meant to be used alongside our CPD certified ecourses on restorative justice and other related topics. Our international institute is also in the process of establishing a Level 4 Certificate in Restorative Justice Practice and this e-library is a strategic step towards this objective. 

This e-library is supported by our wonderful volunteers, and its content is obtained through donations and in-kind contributions. 

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Title Categories Author Tags hf:doc_categories hf:doc_tags hf:doc_author
RAN C&N The Impact of Conspiracy Narratives on Violent RWE and LWE Narratives, online meeting, 24-25 November 2020 e-journal radicalization ran
Preventing Radicalisation toTerrorism and Violent Extremism. e-book radicalization ran
Pauwels, A. (2021) Contemporary manifestations of violent right-wing extremism in the EU: An overview of P/CVE practices. Available at: (Accessed: 17 April 2024). e-book radicalization annelies-pauwels
Conspiracy theories and right-wing extremism -Insights and recommendations for P/CVE. e-book radicalization francesco-farinelli
Radicalisation Research – Gap Analysis e-journal radicalization ran
Terrorist decision making in the context of risk, attack planning, and attack commission , , e-journal radicalization emily-corner paul-gill zoe-marchmen
Rethinking radicalization , e-book domestic-violence radicalization faiza-patel
Research on Terrorism, 2007-2016: A Review of Data, Methods, and Authorship e-journal radicalization bart-schuurman
Pushes and pulls of radicalisation into violent Islamist extremism and prevention measures targeting these: Comparing men and women e-journal radicalization jacobsen-annemette
Pathways into Terrorism: Understanding Entry into and Support for Terrorism in Asia e-journal radicalization julie-chernov-hwang
Mechanisms of Political Radicalization: Pathways Toward Terrorism , e-journal radicalization clark-mccauley sophia-moskalenko
Violent and Non-Violent Extremism: Two Sides of the Same Coin? e-journal radicalization alex-p-schmid
Towards a Human Rights Culture in Social Work Education , e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law ann-marie-garran lisa-werkmeister-rozas
The social dimensions of happiness and life satisfaction of Australians: Evidence from the World Values Survey , e-journal welfare matthew-ericson tony-vinson
The Places and Spaces of Human Rights Education e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law darren-obyrne
The Human Right to Education: Freedom and Empowerment e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law caetano-pimentel
Successful Approaches to Ending Female Genital Cutting , e-journal healthcare welfare kay-young-mcchesney
Speaking rights : youth empowerment through a participatory approach , , e-journal education amy-cooper julie-kon-kam-king vincenza-nazzari
Holocaust and human rights education : good choices and sociological perspectives e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law michael-polgar
Right to sexuality education as a human right , , e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law welfare pratibha-kumar vipan-b-kumar
Producing neoliberal citizens: critical reflections on human rights education in Pakistan e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law shenila-khoja-moolji
Policy reform to shift the health and human rights environment for vulnerable groups: the case of Kyrgyzstan’s Instruction 417 , , , e-journal healthcare human-rights-and-human-rights-law leo-beletsky marina-smelyanskaya rachel-thomas
PEACE PROFILE: Graduate Studies in Human Rights Education , , e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law emma-fuentes shabnam-koirala-azad susan-roberta-katz
Online Partnerships for Human Rights Education Praxis e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law mike-klein
One Million Bones: Measuring the Effect of Human Rights Participation in the Social Work Classroom , e-journal radicalization jane-mcpherson leah-p-cheatham
On Their Own and in Their Own Words: Bolivian Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment through Non-Governmental Human Rights Education e-journal radicalization christine-gervais
Measuring the implementation of the right to education: educational versus human rights indicators , e-journal education radicalization katrien-beeckman
Promoting citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination through education : overview of education policy developments , e-book education radicalization education-audiovisual-and-culture-executive-agency
Human Rights: Its Meaning and Practice in Social Work Field Settings , , e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law julie-a-steen mary-mann nichole-restivo
Human Rights Education: Is Social Work behind the Curve? , e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law julie-a-steen sally-mathiesen
Do Benefit Corporations Respect Human Rights? , e-book human-rights-and-human-rights-law elizabeth-umlas joanne-bauer
Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education e-journal psychology council-of-europe
The Death of Democracy and the Forces of Power and Control: The Case of Europe e-journal radicalization theo-gavrielides
Human Rights and Customer Satisfaction with Public Services: A Relationship Discovered e-journal radicalization theo-gavrielides
The new politics of community cohesion: making use of human rights policy and legislation , e-journal politics radicalization theo-gavrielides
High Level Commission Expert Group on Radicalisation government-report radicalization european-commision
Background Paper Human Rights and Prevention of Violent Extremism 18 th Informal ASEM Seminar on Human Rights , e-journal radicalization irene-santiago theo-gavrielides
Youth violence and positive psychology: Research potential through integration , , e-journal psychology gira-bhatt roger-g-tweed stephen-dooley
Shame management through reintegration , , e-book psychology eliza-ahmed john-braithwaite nathan-harris
Self and Self-Consciousness: Aristotelian Ontology and Cartesian Duality e-journal psychology andrea-christofidou
The Psychology of Loneliness: Why it matters and what we can do e-journal psychology campaign-to-endloneliness
disowning our shadow: a psychoanalytic approach to understanding punitive public attitudes , e-journal psychology amanda-matravers shadd-maruna
Why do they hate us? Making peace between prisoners and psychology e-journal psychology shadd-maruna
Opening communicative space: A Habermasian understanding of a user-led participatory research project , , e-journal psychology bob-heyman jacqueline-davies paul-godin
‘Ontological insecurity’ and ‘terror management’: Linking two free-floating anxieties , e-journal psychology fenna-van-marle shadd-maruna
POCKET GUIDE ON LIFE BALANCE AND MENTAL HEALTH , , e-book healthcare psychology arbertskreis-naoh european-union
The appraisal gap: Why victim and transgressor groups disagree on the need for a collective apology , , e-journal psychology matthew-j-hornsey michael-wenzel tyler-g-okimoto
Psychological processes in young bullies versus bully-victims , , e-journal psychology anouk-van-dijk astrid-m-g-poorthuis tina-malti
The emotional labour of judges in jury trials , , e-journal psychology chalen-westaby colette-barry mark-coen
Answering Unresolved Questions About the Relationship Between Cognitive Ability and Prejudice , e-journal psychology jarret-t-crawford mark-j-brandt
Sentence Management in the Community Policy Framework , government-report probation hm-prisons-and-probation-services ministry-of-justice
The role of community hubs in helping to deliver probation services and support desistance e-book probation hm-inspectorate-of-probation
Community-Based Diversion for Children in Conflict with the Law: The Cebu City Experience e-book probation felisa-u-etemadi
Mind the gap: Quality without equality in transforming rehabilitation , e-book equalities-and-equality-law probation theo-gavrielides
Restorative Justice, the African Philosophy of Ubuntu and the Diversion of Criminal Prosecution , e-book criminal-justice probation a-m-anderson
World prison population list (eighth edition) , book prisons great-britain-home-office-research-development-and-statistics-directorate roy-walmsley
Women’s Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2023 , e-journal prisons aleks-kajstura wendy-sawyer
Estimating effects of short-term imprisonment on crime using random judge assignments , , e-journal prisons a-a-j-blokland hilde-t-wermink j-been
The revolving door at the prison gate: Exploring the dramatic increase in recalls to prison , e-journal prisons nicola-padfield shadd-maruna
Indicators of social capital in prison: a systematic review , , e-journal prisons georgina-m-chambers jill-guthrie lise-lafferty
Aggregate report on Short scrutiny visits by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons : 21 April-7 July 2020 government-report prisons hm-chief-inspector-of-prisons
Restorative justice in prisons , , e-journal prisons darrell-fox greg-mantle mandeep-k-dhami
Reducing the Numbers in Custody: Looking Beyond Criminal Justice Solutions , , e-book prisons society helen-mills rebecca-roberts
The revolving door at the prison gate: Exploring the dramatic increase in recalls to prison , , e-journal criminal-justice prisons nicola-padfield shadd-maruna
Prisons & punishment : the essentials , book prisons david-gordon-scott nick-flynn
Prison Visitation and Mental Health in Detained Young Adults , , e-journal prisons anja-j-e-dirkzwager astrid-rossegger leonel-c-goncalves
Prison life : pain, resistance, and purpose e-book prisons ian-odonnell
Prison Leave Across Europe: Some Reasons to Think About it , e-journal prisons elena-larrauri luc-robert
Prison conditions in the Member States : selected European standards and best practices government-report prisons european-parliament
Securing the future : proposals for the efficient and sustainable use of custody in England and Wales e-book prisons patrick-robert-carter
New research reveals devastating impact of imprisonment on families and children e-journal prisons prison-advice-and-care-trust
HMPPS Annual Digest 2022/23 government-report prisons ministry-of-justice
Helping Others as a Response to Reconcile a Criminal Past: The Role of the Wounded Healer in Prisoner Reentry Programs , , , e-journal desistance prisons matt-richie shadd-maruna thomas-p-lebel
Crime and Punishment—Crime Rates and Prison Population in Europe , , e-journal criminal-justice prisons beata-gruszczynska marek-gruszczynski
Reducing re-offending by ex-prisoners : summary of the Social Exclusion Unit report government-report prisons great-britain-social-exclusion-unit
The use of alternatives to pre-trial detention. Dilemmas and challenges , e-journal prisons alexia-jonckheere eric-maes
Multiculturalism Under Confinement: Prisoner Race Relations Inside Western Canadian Prisons , , e-journal prisons justin-ec-tetrault kevin-d-haggerty sandra-m-bucerius
Being realistic about sentencing reform e-journal prisons helen-mills
The proliferating pains of imprisonment e-journal prisons incarceration
Recommendation Rec(2006)2-rev of the Committee of Ministers to member States on the European Prison Rules1 government-report prisons council-of-europe
Costs per place and costs per prisoner by individual prison : National Offender Management Service annual report and accounts … : management information addendum , e-book prisons great-britain-ministry-of-justice great-britain-national-offender-management-service
Controversial issues in prisons , e-book prisons david-gordon-scott helen-codd
Youth violence and positive psychology: Research potential through integration , , e-journal psychology gira-bhatt roger-g-tweed stephen-dooley
What is the Difference between ‘Desistance’ and ‘Resilience’? Exploring the Relationship between Two Key Concepts e-journal psychology claire-fitzpatrick
The Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Offenders: The Current Landscape and Some Future Directions for Correctional Psychology , , , e-journal education psychology j-stephen-wormith mark-simpson richard-althouse
The Humanistic Psychology-Positive Psychology Divide: Contrasts in Philosophical Foundations e-journal psychology alan-s-waterman
SHAME AND GUILT IN RESTORATIVE JUSTICE , e-journal psychology restorative-justice-practice raffaele-rodogno
Emotions and Interaction Ritual: A Micro Analysis of Restorative Justice , e-journal psychology restorative-justice-practice meredith-rossner
Reclaiming Youth: What Restorative Practices Add to the Thinking , e-journal psychology restorative-justice-practice beth-rodman
Positive Pychology: Zeigeist (or spirit of the times) or ignorance (or disinformation) of history? , e-journal psychology luis-fernandez-rios mercedes-novo
Positive psychology and war: an oxymoron e-journal psychology sean-phipps
Positive Psychologists on Positive Constructs e-journal psychology sonja-lyubomirsky
Marrying Positive Psychology to Mediation e-journal psychology jeffrey-l-mcclellan
Investigating the place of forgiveness within the Positive Youth Development paradigm , e-journal psychology john-klatt robert-enright
The iNEAR programme: an existential positive psychology intervention for resilience and emotional wellbeing , , e-journal psychology aneta-d-tunariu dan-frings rachel-tribe
Kill or be killed: Can correcting misperceptions of out-group hostility de-escalate a violent inter-group out-break? , , e-journal psychology nimrod-nir yara-nassir yossi-hasson
Migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees: Different labels for immigrants influence attitudes through perceived benefits in nine countries , , e-journal psychology mark-rubin sylvie-graf yvette-assilamehou-kunz
The effect of individual, group, and shared organizational identification on job satisfaction and collective actual turnover , , e-journal psychology enrico-perinelli lorenzo-avanzi marco-giovanni-mariani
So where do you see this going? The effects of commitment asymmetry and asynchrony on relationship satisfaction and break-up , , e-journal psychology brian-g-ogolsky kiersten-dobson sarah-c
A million reasons or just one? How coin flips impact the number of relevant reasons for decisions , , e-journal psychology maria-douneva mariela-e-jaffe ronja-bartlom
The mindset of birth predicts birth outcomes: Evidence from a prospective longitudinal study , , , e-journal healthcare psychology lisa-hoffmann norbert-hilger rainer-banse
Is democracy under threat? Why belief in conspiracy theories predicts autocratic attitudes , , psychology jan-willem-prooijen kostas-papaioannou myrto-pantazi
Ideologically-based contact avoidance during a pandemic: Blunt or selective distancing from ‘others’? , e-journal psychology gordon-hodson rose-meleady
The iNEAR: A RESILIENCE PROGRAM for SCHOOL CHILDREN and YOUNG PEOPLE e-journal psychology aneta-tunariu
Psychosocial Prevention Programs against Radicalization and Extremism: A Meta-Analysis of Outcome Evaluations , , e-journal psychology doris-bender friedrich-losel irina-jugl
Social Media and Access to Drugs Online: A Nationwide Study in the United States and Spain among Adolescents and Young Adults , , e-journal psychology anu-sirola atte-oksanen bryan-l-miller
Violence and Job Satisfaction of Nurses: Importance of a Support Network in Healthcare , e-journal psychology jose-j-gazquez maria-del-carmen-perez-fuentes
Combining Verbal Veracity Assessment Techniques to Distinguish Truth Tellers from Lie Tellers , , e-journal psychology aldert-vrij mann sharon-leal
Typologies of Sexual Double Standard Adherence in Spanish Population , , e-journal psychology ana-alvarez-muelas carmen-gomez-berrocal juan-c-sierra
Positive Change Following Trauma and Adversity: A Review , e-journal psychology p-alex-linley stephen-joseph
What good are positive emotions in crises? A prospective study of resilience and emotions following the terrorist attacks on the United States on September , , e-journal psychology barbara-l-fredrickson christian-e-waugh michele-m-tugade
Conceptualizing young people’s strategies of resistance to offending as ‘active resilience’ e-journal psychology cathy-murray
Mindfulness-Based Intervention in School Psychology , , e-journal psychology aaron-j-fischer david-a-klingbeil tyler-l-renshaw
Integrating Mindfulness into Mixed Martial Arts Training to Enhance Academic, Social, and Emotional Outcomes for At-Risk High School Students: a Qualitative , , , e-journal education psychology k-milligan m-wolfe-miscio r-cosme
Cultivating Mindfulness with Third Grade Students via Classroom-Based Interventions , , e-journal policing michele-kielty renee-staton tammy-gilliga
Effectiveness and Social Validity of the Soles of the Feet Mindfulness-Based Intervention with Special Education Students , , e-journal psychology joshua-c-felver kathryn-l-margolis sarah-l-felver
A Qualitative Exploration of Primary School Students’ Experience and Utilisation of Mindfulness , , e-journal psychology bavani-bannirchelvam karen-l-bell shane-costello
Supporting Socio-Emotional Competence and Psychological Well-Being of School Psychologists through Mindfulness Practice e-journal psychology uma-alahari
Understanding the Changing Patterns of Behaviour Leading to Increased Detentions by the Police under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983 , e-journal policing allyn-thomas rachel-forrester-jone
Preventing Radicalization in the UK: Expanding the Knowledge-Base on the Channel Programme , e-journal policing amy-thornton noemie-bouhana
Is Forensic Science Worth It? , , e-journal policing delemont-olivier margot-pierre ucl-ssh-juri-pjpc
Crime Drop or Police Recording Flop? On the Relationship between the Decrease of Offline Crime and the Increase of Online and Hybrid Crimes , e-journal policing marcelo-f-aebi stefano-caneppele
The Tree That Hides the Forest? Testing the Construct Validity of ViCLAS through an Empirical Study of Missing Data , e-journal policing julien-chopin marcelo-f-aebi
A Longitudinal Analysis of the Relationship between Administrative Policy, Technological Preferences, and Body-Worn Camera Activation among Police , e-journal policing jacob-t-n-young justin-t-ready
The Deterrence Spectrum: Explaining Why Police Body-Worn Cameras ‘Work’ or ‘Backfire’ in Aggressive Police–Public Encounters , , e-journal policing alex-sutherland barak-ariel darren-henstock
A Co-Responder Model for Policing Mental Health Problems at Crime Hot Spots: Findings from a Pilot Project , , e-journal healthcare policing clair-white david-weisburd
Inconsistencies in Public Opinion of Body-Worn Cameras on Police: Transparency, Trust, and Improved Police–Citizen Relationships , , e-journal policing mari-sakiyama terance-d-miethe william-h-sousa
Exploring the Potential for Body-Worn Cameras to Reduce Violence in Police–Citizen Encounters , , e-journal policing janne-e-gaub michael-d-white natalie-todak
Police-Facilitated Restorative Conferencing: What the Data Show , e-book policing restorative-justice-practice paul-mccold
Police Use of Retrospective Facial Recognition Technology: A Step Change in Surveillance Capability Necessitating an Evolution of the Human Rights Law e-journal policing daragh-murray
Reimagining Gang Research without the Police: Moving the Field Forward in the Era of “Defund the Police” , , e-journal policing jason-gravel matthew-valasik shannon-e-reid
Evidence translation: An exploration of policy makers’ use of evidence , e-journal policing jo-ingold mark-monaghan
Can Police Prioritize Highest Risks of Harm Among 6670 Children Exposed to Domestic Abuse? , , , e-book criminology policing andrew-m-featherstone denis-oconnor geoffrey-barnes
Face-to-Face Restorative Justice Conferences for Intimate Partner Abuse: an Exploratory Study of Victim and Offender Views , , e-journal policing restorative-justice-practice clare-nettleton heather-strang
Implementing a Burglary Prevention Program with Evidence-Based Tracking: a Case Study , , e-journal policing geoffrey-c-barnes molly-slothower roger-pegram
Revisiting the Theory of Broken Windows Policing e-journal policing piston-spencer
Beyond Effectiveness: Legitimising Predictive Policing in Germany , , e-journal policing libuse-hannah-veprek linus-sehn lynn-sibert
How to call for the police Crisis Intervention Team e-journal policing becky-clifford
Police and procedural justice: perceptions of young people with mental illness , e-journal policing angela-higginson matthew-m-morgan
Engaging non-policing partners to prevent or respond to crime , , e-journal policing janet-ransley lyndel-bates margo-van-felius
Police oversight mechanisms in the Council of Europe member states report on Police Oversight in the Council of Europe Countries , e-book migration jonny-byrne william-priestley
Crimmigration. On the Merger of Crime Control and Migration Control Bericht zum Workshop vom 12. Oktober 2021 e-journal migration melanie-schorsch
The right not to be dominated: The case law of the European court of human rights on migrants’ destitution , e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law migration lieneke-slingenberg
The emotional journey of motherhood in migration. The case of Southern European mothers in Norway , , , e-journal migration welfare haldis-haukanes ragnhild-hollekim raquel-herrero-arias
The Mental Health Burden of Immigration Detention : An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis , , , e-book healthcare migration alexandre-heeren leonel-goncalves stephanie-baggio
Telling Truths about Migration e-journal migration lucy-hovil
Syrian refugee migration, transitions in migrant statuses and future scenarios of Syrian mobility , , , e-journal migration politics drago-zuparic-iljic jo-jakobsen marko-valenta
Social Work Practice with Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Young People Facing Removal , e-journal migration welfare frances-wright
Social Forces’ Century-Long Contributions to the Field of International Migration , e-journal migration jacqueline-hagan ricardo-d-martinez-schuldt
Migration as Adaptation?  , e-journal migration jonas-bergmann kira-vinke
International migration management in the age of artificial intelligence e-journal migration ana-beduschi
World Migration Report 2022 government-report migration international-organization-for-migration
Explaining the refugee gap: a longitudinal study on labour market participation of refugees in the Netherlands , , e-journal migration godfried-engbersen jaco-dagevos linda-bakker
Behind the scenes of South Africa’s asylum procedure: A qualitative study on long-term asylum-seekers from the democratic republic of Congo , , , government-report human-rights-and-human-rights-law migration emilie-venables liesbeth-schockaert maria-teresa-gil-bazo
Surveillance and Drones at Greek Borderzones: Challenging Human Rights and Democrac e-journal migration panagiotis-loukinas
The principles and procedures of Penal Mediation in Turkish Criminal Procedural Law e-journal mediation mustafa-serdar
Joe everyday, people off the street’: a qualitative study on mediators’ roles and skills in victim-offender mediation , , government-report mediation restorative-justice-practice jung-jin-choi michael-j-gilbert
A position paper on the role of mediation in resolving conflict between student and supervisor at university , e-journal mediation restorative-justice-practice errol-francke
Transphobic haTe crime reporT 2020 The scale and impact of transphobic violence, abuse and prejudice government-report lgbt cerys-bradley
Stonewall statement on the UK Government’s failure to ban conversion therapy e-journal lgbt stonewall
Same-sex marriage legalization associated with reduced implicit and explicit antigay bias , , , e-journal lgbt public-law eugene-k-ofosu jacqueline-m-chen michelle-k-chambers
Similarity in transgender and cisgender children’s gender development , , e-journal lgbt elizabeth-a-enright jessica-j-glazier selin-gulgoz
Lending practices to same-sex borrowers , , e-journal lgbt welfare hua-sun lei-gao
Language influences mass opinion toward gender and LGBT equality , , e-journal lgbt policing efren-o-perez margit-tavits
Sex, Gender, Age, and Mass Starvation , , , e-book gender-based-violence public-law bridget-conley dyan-mazurana kinsey-spears
Investigative and Charging Considerations for International Crimes Targeting Individuals on the Basis of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity , e-journal criminology lgbt nicholas-leddy
Crimes against women in armed conflicts: Judicial activism and feminist legal interpretation as key factors in the reconstruction of concepts of international humanitarian law , e-journal criminology gender-based-violence karolina-ristova-aasterud
Gender and International Criminal Law , , , e-book criminology lgbt indira-rosenthal susana-sacouto valerie-oosterveld
Attitudes to Transgender People : Research report : August 2020 , , e-book lgbt chrysa-lamprinakou elizabeth-fuller hannah-morgan
Victims and Prisoners Bill , e-book legal-system great-britain ministry-of-justice
Transparency in Plea Bargaining e-journal legal-system jenia-iontcheva-turner
Transnational standards in the domestic legal order: authority and legitimacy e-journal legal-system machiko-kanetake
Toward policy coordination: Alternatives to hierarchy e-journal legal-system b-guy-peters
Standards of evidence : an approach that balances the need for evidence with innovation , , e-book legal-system joe-ludlow nesta-charity ruth-puttick
Rethinking policy and politics : reflections on contemporary debates in policy studies e-book legal-system sarah-ayres
Italian Juvenile Justice: Tolerance, Leniency or Indulgence e-journal legal-system david-nelken
Courtroom Communities: Criminal Case Processing and Sentencing Reform e-journal legal-system nancy-merritt
Is it time to give up on evidence-based policy? Four answers e-journal legal-system richard-d-french
Is Punitive Juvenile Justice Policy Declining in the United States? A Critique of Emergent Initiatives , e-journal legal-system alida-v-merlo peter-j-benekos
Introducing Social Science Evidence in Family Court Decision-Making and Adjudication: Evidence from England and Wales , e-journal legal-system karen-broadhurst laura-robertson
Rethinking Youth Justice: Comparative Analysis, International Human Rights and research Evidence , e-journal legal-system barry-goldson john-muncie
Gatekeeping in Restorative Justice and related research e-journal legal-system anne-hayden
The Rules of Inference , e-journal legal-system gary-king lee-epstein
Law’s Wars, Law’s trials. The fate of the rule of law in the U.S. ‘War on Terror’ , e-journal legal-system public-law richard-l-abel
BOOK REVIEW: Reflections over death penalty by Arthur Koestler and Albert Camus e-book criminal-justice cecilia-popa
Evidence translation: An exploration of policy makers’ use of evidence , e-journal justice jo-ingold mark-monaghan
Collaborative Community Approaches to Addressing Serious Violence , e-book integration erika-gebo jaimee-mallion
Reentry Research at NIJ: Providing Robust Evidence for High-Stakes Decision-Making , e-journal integration eric-martin marie-garcia
Resettlement. A survey by Independent Monitoring Boards of women being released from prison e-journal integration independent-monitoring-boards
Life on the Outside: Transitioning from Prison to the Community , , e-book integration joan-petersilia kevin-r-reitz thomas-p-lebel
Childhood criminal records: Undermining positive developments across youth justice e-journal integration standing-committee-for-youth-justice
Towards a New Human Trafficking Strategy: Proactivity at the Heart of the Ps Paradigm e-journal human-trafficking van-rij-j-j-m
Young Persons and the case-law of the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Social Charter Prems e-book human-rights-and-human-rights-law david-hayward
The Human Rights Act 1998 and the Shared Home: Issues for Cohabitants e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law simone-wong
The Death of Democracy and the Forces of Power and Control: The Case of Europe e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law theo-gavrielides
State of democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Europe : report by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law council-of-europe-secretariat
Human Rights Culture: Solidarity, Diversity and the Right to be Different e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law kate-nash
Moral economies of exclusion: politics of fear through antagonistic anonymity e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law soren-mosgaard-andreasen
Effecting Legal Certainty under the Human Rights Act e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law john-mcgarry
Human rights and applied psychology e-journal human-rights-and-human-rights-law peter-kinderman
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Last on the list: An overview of unmet need for pitches on Traveller sites in England e-journal sarah-sweeney
Last on the list: An overview of unmet need for pitches on Traveller sites in England e-book human-rights-and-human-rights-law sarah-sweeney
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Realizing Human Rights in Clinical Practice and Service Delivery to Persons with Cognitive Impairment who Engage in Behaviours of Concern1 , e-journal healthcare phillip-french retrieving-data-wait-a-few-seconds-and-try-to-cut-or-copy-again
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The impact of education about historical and current injustices, individual racism and systemic racism on anti-Indigenous racism , e-journal hate-crime iloradanon-h-efimoff katherine-b-starzyk
DON’T IGNORE, ACT! BOOKLET e-book hate-crime erasmus
Hate crime: concepts, policy, future directions e-book hate-crime theo-gavrielides
What is hate speech? Part 1: The Myth of Hate e-journal hate-crime alexander-brown
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WGB RESEARCH REPORT e-book gender women-get-back
Girls, Women, and Intellectual Empowerment , e-journal gender kimberly-k-garchar melissa-m-shew
Collection of Participatory Methods for Prevention of Risk Behaviors and Development of Internet Safety Skills Among Children , , e-book gdpr m-m-rusakova o-i-kolpakov v-a-odinokova
Protection for Privacy under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities e-journal gdpr mark-c-weber
Disputed Definitions and Fluid Identities: The Limitations of Social Profiling In Relation to Ethnic Youth Gangs e-journal gang-violence rob-white
Daniela Gilbert Knows Community is Central to Addressing Gun Violence e-journal gang-violence nazish-dholakia
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Report finds nearly 30% increase in firearm fatalities for children, teens e-journal gang-violence halley-sutton
Serious Violence Reduction Orders: A new court order to target known knife carriers e-journal gang-violence home-office
Register for NIJ-funded Research on Mass Shootings to Advance Evidence-based Policy and Practice e-journal gang-violence national-institute-of-justice
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How unequal is the UK – and should we care? e-journal equalities-and-equality-law david-willets
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PATHS TO PARENTHOOD: UPLIFTING NEW MOTHERS AT WORK e-journal welfare the-fawcett-society
MEASURING POVERTY 2020 e-journal society social-metrics-commission
Creating Public Value An analytical framework for public service reform , , e-journal public-law society gavin-kelly stephen-muers
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Equally Ours blog: Equality and human rights in the era of Artificial Intelligence e-journal equalities-and-equality-law lukia-nomikus
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To end racial disparity we require your absolute focus e-journal equalities-and-equality-law keith-fraser
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Identity, Forgiveness and Power in the Management of Child Sexual Abuse by Church Leaders e-journal
On the Front Lines: Elevating the Voices of Violence Intervention Workers e-journal gang-violence giffords-law-centre
Letters from an American e-journal gang-violence heather-cox-richardson
Three Interventions to Address the Other Pandemic—Firearm Injury and Death , , e-journal gang-violence ali-rowhani-rahbar frederick-p-rivara fredrick-e-vars
The ‘Code of the Street’ and the Generation of Street Violence in the UK , , e-journal gang-violence andy-hochstetler fiona-brookman trevor-bennett
Journal on Conflict Transformation, Restorative Culture and Mediation e-journal funding-and-recruitment mediares
DG Justice Newsletter on Funding Opportunities & Funded Projects: Citizens Equality, Rights and Values & Justice Programmes e-journal funding-and-recruiting
Apology in the Criminal Justice Setting: Evidence for Including Apology as an Additional Component in the Legal System e-journal forgiveness carrie-j-petrucci
Retributive and Inclusive Justice Goals and Forgiveness: The Influence of Motivational Values , , e-journal ian-mckee n-t-feather peter-strelan
The Anatomy of Apology and Forgiveness: Towards Transformative Apology and Forgiveness e-journal forgiveness joram-tarusarira
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Restorative Justice as a Pathway for Forgiveness: How Could Forgiveness Operate within the Criminal Justice System? e-journal forgiveness jac-armstrong
Functional Family Therapy (FFT): Toolkit technical report e-journal family-and-family-law hannah-gaffney
The Situation of single parents in the EU e-book family-and-family-law european-parliament-directorate-general-for-internal-policies-of-the-union
Family Men: Fatherhood and Masculinity in Bitain 1914-1960: ‘Wait Till Your Father Gets Home’? The Father’s Role in the Family e-journal family-and-family-law laura-king
“Connecting Events in Time to Identify a Hidden Population: Birth Mothers and Their Children in Recurrent Care Proceedings in England” e-journal education karen-broadhurst
Taking the Rights of Parents and Children Seriously: Confronting the Welfare Principle under the Human Rights Act e-book education shazia-choudhry
Protecting Victims: EU competences and mechanisms for safeguards e-journal education jodie-blackstock
How is the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights used at national level? e-journal education european-union-agency-for-fundamental-rights
Toolkit for educators, trainers, counselors working with young people. Holistic toolkit for self-reflection and mental health , , e-journal education association-euni-partners celei-regenerative-education divieni-chi-sei-aps
Examining Relationships among Choice, Affect, and Engagement in Summer STEM Programs , , , e-journal education jennifer-a-schmidt joshua-m-rosenberg neil-j-naftzger patrick-n-beymer
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Restorative Justice in the Reentry Context: Building New Theory and Expanding the Evidence Base e-book desistance gordon-bazemore
Lessons for justice reinvestment from restorative justice and the justice model experience : Some tips for an 8-year-old prodigy e-book criminology shadd-maruna
Ben Crewe on the Bench? Bringing the Dimensional Pains of Punishment into the Courtroom e-journal criminology david-hayes
Collective victimhood and acknowledgement of outgroup suffering across history: Majority and minority perspectives e-book criminology eva-g-t-green
For a ‘marginal criminological realism’: Zaffaroni and the birth of a critical perspective on the criminal question from the Global South e-journal criminology nicolas-garcia
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Immigration and Crime in Canadian Cities: A 35-Year Study e-journal criminology maria-jung
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The Cardiff Model for Violence Prevention , , e-journal crime-prevention and-intelligence-innovation-institute crime security
Reframing Crime and Justice – A Handy Guide e-journal crime-prevention penelope-gibbs
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Five things about juvenile delinquency intervention and treatment e-book crime-prevention national-institute-of-justice-u-s
Social Disadvantage and Crime: A Criminological Puzzle , e-journal crime-prevention kyle-treiber per-olof-h-wikstrom
Desistance from crime : new advances in theory and research e-journal crime-prevention michael-rocque
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Building Resilience and Addressing Vulnerabilities to Serious and Organised Crime: The Case of Community Coordinators e-journal crime-prevention kyros-hadjisergis
Crime prevention, security and community safety using the 5Is framework e-journal paul-ekblom
The Casey Foundation’s Approach to Community Safety e-journal crime-prevention annie-casey
Crime as a cascade phenomenon e-journal crime-prevention john-braithwaite
Amicus curiae : journal of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies e-journal crime-prevention university-of-london-institute-of-advanced-legal-studies
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Restorative Justice and the secure Estate e-book restorative-justice-practice theo-gavrielides
Youth voice special edition [Issue 02: The youth perspective on the Olympics] book education kumal-tukhoo
Youth Voice Journal. Issue 01. Empowerment book education theo-gavrielides
Youth Voice. Community-led solutions for a fairer society book society theo-gavrielides
Why a basic income, and why is now the time? Field-notes from Ireland during the Covid-19 pandemic e-journal covid-19 kevin-ryan
The importance of (shared) human values for containing the COVID-19 pandemic , , e-journal covid-19 antony-s-r-manstead geoffrey-haddock lukas-j-wolf
The impact of Covid-19 on the voluntary sector in criminal justice e-journal covid-19 russell-webster
Women and Equalities Committee inquiry on impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people’s protected characteristics – Law Society response e-journal covid-19 clinks
Same but diferent? A qualitative analysis of the influence of COVID‑19 on law enforcement and organized crime in Germany , e-journal covid-19 katharina-leimbach sarah-schreier
Ethnic inequalities in COVID-19 mortality: a consequence of persistent racism , e-journal covid-19 james-nazroo laia-becares
Neoliberalism, COVID-19 and conspiracy: pandemic management strategies and the far-right social turn e-journal covid-19 imogen-richards
Research EU : bringing you the results of EU research and innovation e-journal covid-19 european-commission-community-research-and-development-information-service
Reflecting On Leading Meaningful Change Through COVID e-journal covid-19 beverley-patwell
The EU response to the COVID-19 pandemic : achieving relevance, mobilising solidarity and preparing for the future , , e-book covid-19 fabrizio-tassinari jonas-brendebach luis-miguel-poiares-pessoa-maduro
Mapping threats to peace and democracy worldwide : Normandy index 2023 , , e-book covid-19 branislav-stanicek elena-lazarou etienne-bassot
Pylons ablaze: Examining the role of 5G COVID-19 conspiracy beliefs and support for violence , e-journal covid-19 daniel-jolley jenny-l-paterson
A European health union : tackling health crises together : the role of EU agencies e-book covid-19 european-commission-directorate-general-communication
Left stranded: our new report into the impact of coronavirus e-journal covid-19 national-autistic-society
HM Prison and Probation Service COVID-19 Official Statistics e-journal covid-19 great-britain-ministry-of-justice
Hear us: The experiences of refugee and asylum-seeking women during the pandemic e-journal covid-19 womensgrid
Delivering core NHS and care services during the pandemic and beyond : Government Response to the Committee’s Second Report of Session 2019-21 , e-book covid-19 legal-system great-britain
How human mobility explains the initial spread of COVID-19 : a European regional analysis , , e-book covid-19 c-santamaria f-serm s-iacus
COVID-19 and the U.S. Health Care Industry: Towards a “Critical Health Criminology” within State Crime Studies , e-journal covid-19 david-o-friedrichs valeria-vegh-weis
Viruism: The need for a new term describing COVID-19 impact in context of viral victimization , e-journal covid-19 inna-levy keren-cohen-louck
COVID-19 Conspiracy Beliefs and Government Rule Compliance , e-journal covid-19 kostas-gemenis levente-littvay
COVID-19 and prison policies related to communication with family members , , e-journal covid-19 danielle-h-dallaire lorie-s-goshin rebecca-j-shlafer
Leading Causes of Death Among Adults Aged 25 to 44 Years by Race and Ethnicity in Texas During the COVID-19 Pandemic, March to December,2020 , , e-journal covid-19 alexander-junxiang-chen jeremy-samuel-faust max-jordan-nguemeni-tiako
The Leading Causes of Death in the US for 2020 , e-journal covid-19 farida-b-ahmad robert-n-anderson
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Collective resilience in times of crisis: Lessons from the literature for socially effective responses to the pandemic , e-journal covid-19 guy-elcheroth john-drury
Call for evidence: A review to guide the future of prison mental health care in England e-journal covid-19 bywater
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The COVID-19 baby bump in the United States , , e-journal covid-19 hannes-schwandt janet-currie martha-j-bailey
Distancers’ and ‘non-distancers’? The potential social psychological impact of moralizing COVID-19 mitigating practices on sustained behaviour change , , e-journal covid-19 annayah-m-b-prosser jan-willem-bolderdijk madeline-judge
Doing Crimonology Research , book criminology pamela-davies peter-francis
Creative research methods : a practical guide / Helen Kara ; foreword by Kenneth J. Gergen and Mary M. Gergen book education helen-kara
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The Power Of Restorative Justice Art In Cultural Awareness And Migrant Integration – Evidence from the UK, Greece, Turkey, Spain and Cyprus , e-book restorative-justice-practice the-ca4rj-partnership theo-gavrielides
Nurturing Creativity in Education: Restoring Power E-Toolkit: Creativity in Action , e-book restorative-justice-practice nurturing-creativity-in-education-restoring-power-partnership theo-gavrielides
The Power of Restorative Justice Art in Cultural Awareness and Migrant Integration , e-book restorative-justice-practice the-ca4rj-partnership theo-gavrielides
Nurturing Creativity in Education: Cultivating Creativity in school settings , e-book restorative-justice-practice nurturing-creativity-in-education-restoring-power-partnership theo-gavrielides
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Restorative Justice Dialogue Against Violent Radicalisation: Evidence from Turkey, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Romania and Spain , e-book restorative-justice-practice rdavr-partnership theo-gavrielides
Preventing violent radicalisation in criminal justice settings: A Restorative Justice approach , e-book restorative-justice-practice rdavr-partnership theo-gavrielides
Live with Culture – Live the Culture: Training manual , e-book restorative-justice-practice live-with-the-culture-partnership theo-gavrielides
Restorative Justice Art: Supporting Migrant Integration Across Europe: Training manual , e-book restorative-justice-practice the-ca4rj-partnership theo-gavrielides
Preventing cyberbullying towards LGBTQ+ groups: A restorative justice approach for youth workers in UK, Spain, Malta and Italy , e-book restorative-justice-practice the-siac-partnership theo-gavrielides
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Preventing cyberbullying towards LGBTQ+ groups: A restorative justice approach for youth workers , e-book restorative-justice-practice the-siac-partnership theo-gavrielides
CHANGE THE ATTITUDE CHANGE THE CLIMATE THROUGH RESTORATIVE JUSTICE: TRAINING MANUAL , e-book restorative-justice-practice the-glocal-partnership theo-gavrielides
Restorative Justice Music: A Tool for School Cohesion , e-book restorative-justice-practice the-rrme-partnership theo-gavrielides
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Hotel Puta: A hardcore ethnography of a luxury brothel , e-book restorative-justice-practice daniel-briggs theo-gavrielides
Preventing cyberbullying towards LGBTQ+ groups: A Training Handbook for youth workers , e-book restorative-justice-practice the-siac-partnership theo-gavrielides
Reviewing the power of restorative justice art: Cultural integration & awareness , e-book restorative-justice-practice the-ca4rj-partnership theo-gavrielides
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Restoring Respect through Music Education: An overview of the current state of the art in Spain, Turkey, the UK, Romania, Germany and Cyprus. , e-book restorative-justice-practice the-rrme-partnership theo-gavrielides
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Restorative Justice Art: A tool for mental health and healing , e-book restorative-justice-practice the-mhm-partnership theo-gavrielides
EMPOWERING MIGRANTS AND REFUGEES: A TOOLKIT FOR VOCATION, EDUCATION & TRAINING CURRICULUM ON EMPLOYMENT, IT AND SETTLEMENT , e-book restorative-justice-practice the-restoring-respect-project-rrp-partnership theo-gavrielides
Ending gender-based violence in youth settings through restorative justice and media education – Summary Findings , e-book restorative-justice-practice chance-for-change-partnership theo-gavrielides
RESTORING RESPECT: ASSESSING MIGRANTS’ READINESS FOR INTEGRATION | Train the Trainer toolkit , e-book restorative-justice-practice the-rrp-partnership theo-gavrielides
Restorative Justice and Street Group Violence e-book restorative-justice-practice theo-gavrielides
Fairness, Respect, Equality and Dignity: Mayflower 400 e-book restorative-justice-practice theo-gavrielides
Bringing restorative justice and art into mental health settings Views from the UK, Greece, Hungary, Spain and Cyprus (national languages) e-book restorative-justice-practice mental-health-matters
CULTURE AND ART FOR THE SQUARE MILE: A Restorative Justice Approach to Culture and Art  e-book restorative-justice-practice theo-gavrielides
Teoria e Prática da Justiça Restaurativa: abordando a discrepância e-book restorative-justice-practice theo-gavrielides
Sailing the Mayflower to Equality and Justice: A RESTORATIVE JUSTICE STORY , e-book restorative-justice-practice desiree-noriega theo-gavrielides
Bringing Restorative Justice and Art into Mental Health Settings (executive summaries) e-book restorative-justice-practice mental-heath-matters
Restoring Respect in Migrants: Summary findings from the Restoring Respect Project: The UK, Greece, Italy, Spain and Cyprus , e-book restorative-justice-practice the-rrp-partnership theo-gavrielides
Restorative Justice Theory and Practice: Addressing the Discrepancy e-book restorative-justice-practice theo-gavrielides
YOUTH-LED RESTORATIVE JUSTICE IN ACTION , e-book restorative-justice-practice desiree-noriega theo-gavrielides
Collapsing the criminal labels of domestic violence: A social and restorative justice approach e-book restorative-justice-practice theo-gavrielides
Community Cohesion through Restorative Justice Art , e-book restorative-justice-practice laura-de-nuzzo theo-gavrielides
Safeguarding and Empowering Crime Victims: Training manual e-book restorative-justice-practice theo-gavrielides
The story of Restorative Justice art through children’s eyes e-book restorative-justice-practice theo-gavrielides
Restorative Justice in Educational Settings & Policies: Bridging the East & West , e-book restorative-justice-practice theo-gavrielides wong-d-s-w
Equality Matters for Restorative Justice e-book restorative-justice-practice theo-gavrielides
Human Rights and Restorative Justice e-book restorative-justice-practice theo-gavrielides
25 Restorative Justice case studies e-book restorative-justice-practice theo-gavrielides
Evaluating social action for rehabilitation : restorative justice in prison settings, an evaluation case study, July, 2015 , , e-book restorative-justice-practice andrianna-ntziadima ioanna-gouseti theo-gavrielides
The Wind of Change: Comparative lessons for restorative justice in South Africa and the UK , e-book restorative-justice-practice gavrielides-theo loseby-grace
Out of Trouble: Reducing Child Imprisonment in England and Wales – Lessons From Abroad , , e-book children welfare enver-solomon rob-allen
Children and young people in custody 2006-2008 : an analysis of the experiences of 15- 18 year olds in prison , , e-book children great-britain-her-majestys-chief-inspector-of-prisons-for-england-and-wales great-britain-youth-justice-board sherrelle-parke
Ensuring custody is the last resort for children in England and Wales , e-journal private-area children standing-committee-for-youth-justice
Current Causes of Death in Children and Adolescents in the United States , , e-journal children jason-e-goldstick patrick-m-carter rebecca-m-cunningham
Child Welfare Inequalities in a Time of Rising Numbers of Children Entering Out-of-Home Care e-journal children martin-elliott
Advocacy services for children and young people Progress report – June 2020 , e-journal private-area children advocacy4u
“This case is about you and your future”: Towards judgments for children , e-journal children helen-stalford kathryn-hollingsworth
Children’s rights and social services : report on the implementation of the Council of Europe recommendation on children’s rights and social services , , e-book children ana-isabel-fernandes-guerreiro council-of-europe vanessa-sedletzki
Youth voice special edition [Issue 02: The youth perspective on the Olympics] monograph society independent-academic-research-studies-iars
Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999 legislation criminology stationery-office
Young people’s access to advice – the evidence: Key research on young people’s access to advice on social welfare issues monograph welfare youth-access
Working together to reduce serious youth violence, WAVE Conference for the 33 London boroughs 20 November 2007, Summary of key themes and main messages monograph society wave-trust
When Dad hurts Mum book domestic-violence sheila-hollins
What works in local commissioning: a 360 perspective monograph criminology clinks
What we all need to know to protect our children monograph welfare lucy-faithfull-foundation
Welfare benefits and tax credits handbook 2004/2005 book welfare child-poverty-action-group
War on terrorism: is there an alternative?+B91B97:B109B101:B109B104:B109 monograph terrorism-extremism tariq-ali

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