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At RJ4All, our mission is clear – to address power abuse, conflict, and poverty through the values and practices of restorative justice. We envision a world where power-sharing, fairness, equality, dignity, and respect are not just ideals but the driving forces behind every interaction, decision, and policy.

Through our webinar, podcast series, and YouTube channel, we’re dedicated to bringing you a wealth of knowledge, insights, and inspiration on restorative justice ethos. From captivating interviews with leading experts and practitioners to interactive webinars that explore the latest trends and innovations in restorative justice, there’s something for everyone.

The RJWebinars Series by Dr. Gavrielides

The RJWebinar Series by Dr. Theo Gavrielides

In an era where justice systems worldwide face increasing challenges and decreasing public trust, restorative justice emerges as a beacon of hope, offering transformative approaches to conflict resolution and community healing. Recognising this pivotal moment, RJ4All proudly presents a dynamic and insightful webinar series dedicated to exploring the principles, practices, and potential of restorative justice. The RJWebinars series by Professor Theo Gavrielides, PhD cover timely topics in restorative justice practice and theory. Episodes include lectures, interviews with experts in the field as well as animated videos for younger audiences.Sign up to our channel to receive notifications for new webinars, which you are welcome to use for yourself or your teaching.


Check out our latest webinar on Restorative Justice hosted by Dr Gavrielides. With special guest Dr. Rebecca Bromwich from Carleton University, this webinar promises an electrifying exploration of how Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the landscape of Restorative Justice.

Other Episodes:

Episode 1: RJ & mental health – June 2020

Episode 2: Not defining restorative Justice June 2020

Episode 3: Domestic Violence & restorative justice June 2020

Episode 4: Power, Race & restorative justice June 2020

Episode 5: Power and conflict resolution, July 2020

Episode 6: The 3 levers of power & control, July 2020

Episode 7: Hate crimes & restorative justice, August 2020

Episode 8: The History of Restorative Justice, November 2020

RJWebinar Podcasts

Released at the beginning of March 2024, we have turned the RJwebinar series into Podcasts. They are designed for Podcast listeners around the world who are passionate about understanding and embracing restorative justice on a global scale. They bring you exclusive discussions, interviews, and stories that provide a comprehensive understanding of restorative justice principles and practices. Our mission is to educate and inspire people worldwide to embrace restorative justice as a transformative approach to conflict resolution and community cohesion strengthening.

The RJ4All YouTube Channel

RJ4All is an international institute with a mission to address power abuse and relieve poverty through the use of restorative justice values and practices. And our YouTube channel is where every voice matters, and every story counts. Through engaging discussions, insightful interviews, and thought-provoking content, we’re here to inspire, educate, and ignite positive change.


Lectures and Seminars

It features conferences and lectures by Dr. Gavrielides, the founder of RJ4ALL, who travels around the world to engage in and host events on various aspects of restorative justice.


Restorative Justice Series 

We feature various webinar series focusing on thematic aspects of restorative justice, ranging from its general principles to specific topics such as youth resilience, hate crime, conflict resolution, and others.


RJ4All Projects & Research

We actively share and promote our services and project progress on YouTube, showcasing our daily efforts to advance the values of restorative justice and encourage participation.


Recommended Youtube Series

Building Youth Resilience RJ4All Video Series

The Building Youth Resilience RJ4All Video Series aim to train young people, students and non professionals on the the values and practices of restorative justice and human rights in order to increase their awareness on the risks associated with gangs and violent radicalization.

RJ4All Hate Crime Video Series

RJ4All is dedicated to increasing public awareness and knowledge of restorative justice. This series on hate crime aims to raise awareness on the aspect of hate in crimes and the possibilities of restorative justice in hate-related crimes. This series of videos is produced by RJ4All interns/volunteers.

Support RJ4All and this free webinar series by donating towards our goal of rebalancing power through restorative justice education. 

Check out our Power, Race and Restorative Justice project and our current work towards equality and justice

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