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Restoring power abuse & Connecting communities 
through sports

RJ4All Sports is the charitable fitness branch of the Restorative Justice for All International Institute (RJ4All).
At RJ4All, we believe that to address disadvantage and rebalance power in society in a more equal way, we must adopt a holistic approach. We believe in the power of sports in bringing people together, addressing marginalisation and community cohesion issues while improving well-being and health outcomes. This is why we created the “RJ4All Sports” brand!

RJ4All Sports is delivered at the RJ4All Rotherhithe Community Centre and the nearby Greenland Dock where we have our accessible boat for free sailing activities. At our Centre, we offer all sorts of sports including group fitness classes, personal training as well as nutrition classes. This is also where you can find the RJ4All Community Gym, which is open to everyone. We also deliver various online classes including zumba, salsa and women empowerment sessions.
These are uploaded on our RJ4All Sports YouTube channel and are provided for free.

What is RJ4All Sports?

Our classes are very popular and are delivered by our qualified Personal Trainers. We have a booking system that needs to be used prior to coming to the centre, which is also available for hire for sports and other events. While most sports classes are provided for free, for some there is a small administrative fee that allows us to re-invest in our charitable objects.

RJ4All Sports supports and delivers the London Mayor’s Sport for all of us strategy as well as the Southwark Sport and Physical Activity Strategy 2019-2023.

Our Accessible Fitness Services

The RJ4All Community Gym

Open from Monday to Friday 9:30 – Friday 17:30.

This is managed by RJ4All Sports, it is staffed with RJ4All Personal Trainers and is equipped with everything needed for a full body workout.

Fitness classes

Free accessible fitness classes depending on times of the year including:

    • Indoor Cycling
    • Boxing and martial arts for young people
    • Women empowerment and fitness classes
    • Accessible fitness classes for Southwark residents with disabilities.

Walking and Cycling

Outdoor cycling and cultural walks in the SE16 area.

This is hosted by Young Healthy Minds (YHM) – a walking and cycling programme run for over 3 years by RJ4All Sports at the RJ4All Rotherhithe Community Centre.

Supporting, including & empowering our clients

RJ4All Sports is not a business! It is a non-profit, community-based enterprise that we created with support from funders such as London Sport, Sport England, Southwark Council and others in order to make sports more inclusive while addressing power abuse of all kinds.

It is the sports arm of the charitable Restorative Justice for All International Institute.

At RJ4All Sports, we tailor our services to our clients’ needs by providing individualised support and attention.

We acknowledge our limitations including our limited gym floor space and limited technical facilities, but we are proud of our team of highly qualified and experienced Personal Trainers.

We do not see our clients as a number, and we make sure that they are always included in the design and revision of our services.

We have a Safeguarding & Equality Policies as well as a  Complaints Policy and feedback forms that allow us to air any concerns in the restorative justice ethos that we champion as a charitable NGO that believes in your power to do good first for yourselves and then for others and especially those who can’t do this for themselves.

RJ4All Fitness Instructors

Dr Theo Gavrielides

Gintare Plycneryte

Joining our PT team!

We are always looking for passionate fitness instructors. If you would like to work for RJ4All Sports, please email the Director. Our Terms of Engagement can be found here

Subscribe RJ4All Sports channels

The RJ4All YouTube channel is your destination for dynamic and empowering online classes that go beyond fitness – we’re here to foster community, empowerment, and social change through the power of movement.

From heart-pumping Zumba sessions to soulful salsa dances and women’s empowerment workshops, our channel offers a diverse array of classes designed to uplift, inspire, and connect.

By subscribing to our channel, you’ll stay up-to-date with our latest episodes, ensuring you never miss out on the opportunity to join our vibrant community and participate in our transformative sessions.

To further connect with like-minded individuals and stay updated on our latest initiatives, we invite you to join our RJ4All Sports Facebook group. It’s a community where you can connect with others who share your commitment to exercising and living a healthy lifestyle.

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