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RJ4All’s Rights Equality and Citizenship research update


Help us to combat discrimination and build professional capacity to better meet the needs of intersex people!
BRING-In is a ground-breaking initiative aimed at improving knowledge and awareness on intersex equality, particularly in the health and social care sector. The overall objective is to promote intersex equality in the UK, Greece, Hungary and Bulgaria by educating social and healthcare professionals on how to recognize, prevent and combat intersex discrimination, while raising public awareness and advocating for the need to act upon the human rights violations that intersex people face. You can view the consortium’s webpage here.

Are you a key stakeholder or expert working in equality and diversity promotion or LGBTI+ issues? If so we need to speak with you to identify the challenges that intersex people face, available support services, and gaps in policies and legislation.
Are you intersex? We would like to speak with you to identify your experiences, suggestions and recommendations for the project and the development of the training platform. 

Are you a health or social care professional (e.g., doctor, nurse, psychologist, counsellor, social worker etc)?  In order to identify the level of knowledge, experience, awareness as well as the training needs of health and social care/services professionals regarding intersex people, BRING-IN partners have launched an online, anonymous survey with multiple questions. If you are a health or social care professional please complete the survey by clicking here.

If you are interested in participating please email 


ENHAGA is a cutting edge two-year project that will develop and implement innovative practices to eliminate cyber harassment for female gamers through the development of an online game with associated tools to empower female girls on how to react to cases of cyber sexual harassment and further report incidents and eventually muting those who are often reported from online chat. The project will further promote awareness raising activities about the need to ensure harassment-free gaming environments for all.
Are you a female gamer between 18-35?

Are you a professional working in the video game industry (e.g., developer, designer, community manager)?
Are you an expert/researcher working on gender equality or digital technologies and online interactions? 
Are you a youth worker?

If so, then please take part in our research on sexual harassment in online games and let’s build a safer online environment together! You can participate in a one on one interview or a focus group setting.

If you are interested in participating please email Joshua at

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