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Restorative Justice & Victims’ Rights

Delivered over 100 times in more than 10 different countries with 1,331 individuals and 483 organisations, this one-day training course has been developed to equip professionals with the tools and knowledge on victims’ rights in restorative and criminal justice.

The training programme is certified (20 CPD points), and accredited with a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) status which is an EU wide recognised qualification. It aims to:

Use interactive methods of learning and through case studies with victims and offenders training professionals focusing on complex cases such as domestic violence, hate crimes and abuse.

Provide an induction to restorative justice theory and practice

Provide information and resources to enable you to access and understand restorative justice using the only EU wide law that refers to it i.e. the Victims’ Directive

Ensure that your practice is compliant with international, European and national standards and legislation when it comes to protecting victims’ rights in the criminal justice process.

What can restorative justice do to victims of gender-based violence: The story of a victim

To find out more including:

  • Costs per person
  • Duration
  • Accreditation detail
  • Trainers’ details and background

contact Professor Theo Gavrielides, course convener at the RJ4All Institute. 

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We recommend our CPD certified e-course on restorative justice approaches for mental health professionals, carers, and healthcare staff. The accredited e-course provides an interactive introduction to the values of restorative justice and a therapeutic approach to mental health. Completing the course empowers practitioners to lead patients through a healing process for improved mental health and overall wellbeing. Enrol now by clicking the image on the right!

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