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The Restorative Justice Research Network (RJRN) sits within RJ4All and is one of the largest international, non-profit, research communities in the world. It was set up to:

Push the barriers of restorative justice and disseminate cutting-edge research on the subject

Connect researchers, post-graduate and graduate students, policy-makers and practitioners in restorative justice worldwide

Create networking and collaboration opportunities within the international restorative justice movement

Identify best practices internationally, evaluate, promote and publish them

RJRN Current Projects & Services

The RJRN is currently running a number of international programmes and services that are available to all its members. These are:

Reduced cost to our RJ series books

Regular e-newsletters including updates on key policy and research news internationally

Regular blogs on current topics impacting restorative justice written by RJ4All associates and experts from around the world

Related projects

RJRN Facebook group​

The research network also has a Facebook page with regular updates and related research news. Click on the link to go to Facebook, and find more information and updates on the research network.
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Related projects

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