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New global initiative to coordinate and enhance restorative justice practice


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[London, UK, May 2024]: The Restorative Justice International Institute (RJ4All) proudly presents the Restorative Justice Practice Framework alongside the launch of the International Fellowship of Restorative Justice Practitioners (IFRJP) aiming to coordinate and enhance restorative justice practice globally.

As part of our dedication to “restorative justice for all,” the Fellowship was born as an idea to establish a diverse pool of approved restorative justice practitioners and services that RJ4All can assign casework, and to facilitate connections between practitioners, researchers, and policymakers. On the other hand, the RJ4All Restorative Justice Practice Framework serves as a cornerstone, outlining legal standards and guiding principles within the RJ4All ethos for practitioners’ effective application.

"Putting together an organisational policy for the safe and proper delivery of restorative justice practice was difficult. While restorative justice has been practised from the day RJ4All opened its doors, this is the first time the Institute is called to deliver its practices. So, the dilemma was a real one. How do we honour the RJ4All narrative for a community-led, community-born organic restorative justice, while ensuring that there is a blueprint for what is expected in practice? Thankfully, my trusted contacts within the field helped me to overcome this hurdle, and with their help and a lot of research, I constructed this Framework.”

The framework upholds core values and principles, ensuring the delivery of safe, impartial, confidential, fair, voluntary, and high-quality restorative justice practices, devoid of domination, discrimination, bias, or power abuse. The framework provides a detailed guidance on restorative justice casework journey and offers checklists and tools for practitioners when delivering restorative justice services. In a world grappling with multifaceted conflicts, RJ4All’s Framework provides a scaffold for practitioners to deliver safe and high-quality restorative justice services while remaining responsive to participants’ needs.

“The restorative vision championed by RJ4All in this new Framework, captures the essence of the restorative principles, emphasising the imperative that individuals within their communities can be enabled to address and heal fractures in relationships and therefore contribute to a more harmonious and safe world. These inspiring initiatives provide an accessible practitioner resource to assist in relationship repair. This fits authentically with the existing work of RJ4All in addressing systemic inequality through multiple community engagement initiatives.”

With the framework firmly established, RJ4All set off on a mission to unite practitioners worldwide who are dedicated to adhering to its standards while practising restorative justice. Seeking individuals who align with the values of restorative justice, regardless of location or seniority, RJ4All invited practitioners to pledge their commitment to these principles through the International Restorative Justice Pledge. This collective effort gave rise to the formation of the International Fellowship of Restorative Justice Practitioners.

The Fellowship serves as a nexus connecting restorative justice practitioners, researchers, and policymakers, providing them with opportunities to engage in RJ4All cases. It serves as a beacon of restorative principles, fostering capacity-building support and amplifying the global voice of the restorative justice movement. Through this initiative, RJ4All reaffirms its dedication to advancing the global restorative justice movement and advocating for its principles on the international stage. Together, all these initiatives bridge the local-global divide, fostering mutual learning and collaboration, in alignment with its vision of establishing the world’s first restorative justice postcode.

As RJ4All moves forward, we invite every practitioner around the world to sign our International Restorative Justice  Pledge, be part of our Restorative Justice Practitioner Network, and refer to our Restorative Justice Practice Framework. 

“This is an important time for restorative justice in a world that is facing a wide range of conflicts at an interpersonal, community, national and international level. The framework, produced by RJ4ALL, offers a scaffold (not a monolithic set of standards) for practitioners to offer safe and high-quality restorative justice services whilst being reflexive to the needs of those who wish to participate in restorative processes."

Join the “International Restorative Justice Pledge” to be part of the global movement to empower the value of restorative justice to achieve better justice for all.

The international fellowship is an ambitious initiative that aims to connect and empower individuals and services delivering restorative justice globally. 

RJ4All accepts referrals and self-referrals for restorative justice cases. We provide both online and face-to-face restorative justice as well as direct and indirect practices.


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RJ4All is a charitable international institute with a mission to address power abuse, conflict, and poverty through the use of restorative justice values and practices. We do this through a combination of restorative justice projects delivered both internationally and locally at the RJ4All Rotherhithe Community Centre in London.  We advance community cohesion, equality, and human rights, and redistribute power by supporting civil society and delivering social justice and poverty relief projects, educational programmes and high-quality volunteering opportunities for marginalised groups.  


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