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The RJ4All Diploma in Restorative Justice Practice
(Regulated level 5)

Becoming an accredited restorative justice practitioner!


The RJ4All Level 5 Regulated Diploma in Restorative Justice Practice was developed to address the lack of formal training and qualification for restorative justice practitioners and those who wish to become practitioners worldwide.

This course combines both theory and practice including supervised case work. It also includes the stand-alone 3-day CPD-certified training course by Dr David Moore and Dr Alikki Vernon, President and Vice-President of the Australian Association for Restorative Justice. Titled “Setting Relations Right: transforming conflict in cooperation through group conferencing”,

The course covers theory, principles, and historical background, alongside practical training in facilitation, case management, and community engagement. The course was designed in line with the RJ4All Restorative Justice Practice Framework. 

Upon completion, you will earn a Level 5 Diploma, which is recognised internationally and regulated in the UK by Ofqual. Progression onto relevant university courses is possible alongside earning credibility and satisfying the requirement for practising restorative justice.


  • Becoming a qualified restorative justice practitioner: Provides a formal qualification that meets industry standards.
  • Career Advancement: Allows you to progress within your current profession as well as relevant university courses.
  • Skill Development: Offers practical, hands-on experience in professional restorative justice settings.
  • Personal Growth: Enhances empathy, communication, and conflict resolution abilities, supporting personal development.

Specification & Special Features

  1. Duration: One-year programme divided into three semesters plus an exam period. 
  2. Structure: Includes mandatory and optional units
  • Mandatory Units 1-3: 3 months delivered through 4 independent subjects. Face-to-face and online lectures. 
  • Mandatory Units 4-6 + Optional units: 3 months delivered through 4 independent subjects. Face-to-face and online lectures. 
  • Restorative justice case work in practice: 3 months delivered through case work under supervision by a senior restorative justice practitioner. Supervised practice by qualified RJ4All senior practitioners. 

Total Qualification Time: 400 hours

Guided Learning: 170 hours

Face-to-face and online learning with a combination of theoretical and practical modules:

  • Theoretical Foundation: These sessions covers restorative justice theory, principles, historical context, and ethical considerations.
  • Practical Training: These sessions allow learners to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. This includes role-playing exercises, case studies, and simulations of restorative justice processes.
  • Independent Study: You will undertake self-directed study to deepen your understanding. This includes reading assignments, research projects, and independent learning modules provided through e-learning platforms.
  • Supervised Practice: You will be allocated a case and be supervised by experienced practitioners.
  • Ongoing support: Through live webinars, real-time telephone tutorials, and e-learning supervised by a teacher in real time, we ensure the best companionship and tutoring during your learning journey.

Assessment methods include:

  • Test: Applied to Mandatory Units 1-3
  • Essay: Applied to Mandatory Units 4-6 and Optional Units 
  • Case Portfolio: Applied to the practice stage of managing restorative justice case work

This Diploma is regulated making it stand out from other short courses that are not certified. Moreover, it has two unique special features:

  • The first refers to the requirement to complete case work under supervision. We will provide both the case and the supervisor.
  • The second feature includes a 3-day in-person training delivered by Dr. David Moore and Dr. Alikki Vernon, President and Vice-President of the Australian Association for Restorative Justice. Titled Setting Relations Right: transforming conflict int cooperation through group conferencing”, this training will also act a standalone programme certified with Continuous Professional Development. External non-Diploma students will also be able to join. It will be held towards the end of the second semester to help the student transition from theoretical learning to handling a real case in the final semester.

Course Convenor, Lecturers and Staff

Course convener – Internal Quality Assurance

Professor Dr Theo Gavrielides (PhD) is a legal philosopher and one of the world’s leading experts in restorative justice, criminal and youth justice reform, and human rights. He is the Founder and Director of RJ4All. Additionally, he founded and serves as the Editor-in-Chief of RJ4All Publications and RJ4All Sports. Dr Gavrielides is a qualified Barrister (non-practising) and convenes over 30 CPD courses. He holds positions as a Visiting Professor at the University of East London and Buckinghamshire New University.

Who can join?

The Level 5 Diploma in Restorative Justice Practice and Processes is tailored for a diverse range of students. It targets those working or wishing to work in both statutory and community-based criminal justice or youth justice settings. 

(e.g. students finishing their A-Levels, unqualified restorative justice practitioners, probation and prison staff, prosecutors and lawyers, individuals in legal and criminal justice roles, those in social work).

Applicants must meet these prerequisites:

  • Aged 18 and above
  • English as a first language or proficient (e.g. IELTS)
  • A Levels or equivalent (e.g. BTEC Level 3, NVQ, or Baccalaureates)
  • Obtain RJ4All CPD Certificate in “Induction to restorative justice theory and practice” e-course OR minimum of 3 months restorative justice practice (voluntary or paid).

More than a Diploma

By becoming an RJ4All student you will also be joining a world movement for social justice. In addition:

  1. RJ4All Graduate: You will be joining our graduate alumni group, accessing a series of benefits including discounts to our CPD courses, and opportunities to work with us or carry out casework.
  2. Continued Professional Development:  We provide formal CPD-certified courses validated by the CPD Certification Service. This will ensure that your training meets rigorous standards and enhances your professional credibility as a restorative justice practitioner.
  3. Free resources: As part of your registration you will receive free copies of three key books on restorative justice as well as a 50% discount on all our ebooks and publications including the Internet Journal of Restorative Justice. Additionally, we have established an in-house and online library that houses all the necessary resources for studying the course, available free of charge.
  4. Global Impact: By joining RJ4All, you become part of a global movement towards combatting power abuse and promoting community cohesion through restorative justice practices, and get the chance to join RJ4All’s International Fellowship of Restorative Justice Practitioners.


Statuary/ Private sector

*** We offer a separate tuition policy for our staff, volunteers, and interns to ensure capacity building within the RJ4All family. Check out the open vacancies to learn more about joining our internship and volunteering programs.

More discounts and benefits?

Joining RJ4All’s membership scheme entitles you to an extra 10% discount on your tuition fees, along with substantial benefits designed to enhance your learning. Enjoy complimentary e-courses, publications, training opportunities, and more from RJ4All’s partner organisations. 

Explore our Membership Scheme today and become part of the RJ4All family.

For questions, group bookings, or discounts regarding the course, please contact us at

Accessibility and Equality

RJ4All is founded on restorative justice principles of power-sharing, equality, and respect. We are committed to actively preventing discrimination and fostering diversity. Our environment encourages individuals to use their skills without fear of bias, ensuring all decisions are merit-based.

As a vocational education provider, RJ4All follows the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) framework. This supports the transfer and recognition of learning outcomes across Europe, enhancing the design and quality assurance of our e-courses.

We ensure fair and transparent assessments for all units and adhere to our Equality & Diversity Policy, applicable to all RJ4All members. We actively counter disadvantages, providing equal opportunities for participation in our events and services, and ensuring our publicity materials are clear and accessible.

Franchising: Call for international partners

The course is structured in a manner that enables it to be franchised and implemented independently by partner organisations regardless of location. For inquiries about providing the course, please contact us at

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