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RJ4All celebrates its Restorative Dialogue Against Violent Radicalisation project through local event

On the 14 of February 2023, RJ4All hosted its Closing International Multiplier Event for its Restorative Dialogue Against Violent Radicalisation (RDaVR) project. The event united  local and international participants in order to present the project activities, results and outcomes as well as the learning from the project itself, securing knowledge-sharing, networking and practical activities through interactive workshops.

Based on Dr Gavrielides’ restorative justice model, the RDaVR project was set up as a part of RJ4All’s wider programme on Preventing & Addressing Violent Radicalisation and Extremism.  As discussed during the event day, this is captured as the Good Lives Model (GLM) articulated through the values and practices of restorative justice including power sharing, dialogue, fairness, equality and autonomy. The model works towards a positive, growth-oriented change in life where a young person works on the development of the values, skills and resources towards life based on human goods.

Under the theme of “Pro-social value systems: resilience, dialogue and trust-building”, local stakeholders united with educators, restorative justice practitioners and young people. Following a summary of the project’s results and innovative “intellectual outputs”, the day consisted of presentations around four areas of development and interactive, user-led workshops  in smaller Restorative Justice Circles/Working groups, based on the values of Restorative Justice and Dialogue.

Thanks to all those who attended the event; please follow the link below to read the full recap of the day and discover valuable training resources!
Event recap & resources 

For more information on the RDaVR project here; as well as the event’s webpage.

For more information on CPD certified RJ4All Training Courses available on themes such as these, please consult our face-to-face training options and/or online e-courses.

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