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RJ4All Advances Its Mission with New Research Ethics Committee Member

Prof. Howard Williamson

RJ4All is delighted to announce the appointment of Prof. Howard Williamson as the new Vice-chair of our Research Committees. With his role as co-chair of the Faculty Ethics Committee at the University of South Wales, and former member of the National Youth Agency’s Ethics Committee, Prof. Williamson brings a wealth of expertise to enhance RJ4All’s Research Ethics. His involvement will bolster RJ4All’s efforts to advance the principles of restorative justice through research and publications.

As an international institute, RJ4All is dedicated to conducting research and publishing high-quality publications that adhere to globally recognised research standards and ethics. In our fieldwork research, particularly when working with vulnerable individuals, we prioritise obtaining Research Ethics approval. 

To this end, we have a standing Research Ethics Committee, which adheres to The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. This also serves as a framework for self-regulation across all scientific and scholarly disciplines within RJ4All and its projects.

With Prof. Howard Williamson joining as a new vice-chair of the committee, Prof. Theo Gavrielides, the founder and director of RJ4All, shared: 

“RJ4All is committed to carrying out research to the highest academic standard. Given our vision of strengthening this work even further, Prof. Williamson’s addition to the Committee will be extremely appreciated and needed.”

Dr. Verity Brown, the Vice-chair of RJ4All’s Research Ethics Committee, echoed this sentiment:

“Research at RJ4All is guided by the principal that we should not merely protect but actively promote the rights, dignity, and welfare of our research participants. On behalf of the committee, I am delighted that Prof. Howard Williamson has agreed to join us as vice-Chair and bring his wealth of experience to our discussions and deliberations.” 

Throughout his career, Prof. Williamson has managed and conducted numerous research projects for local, national, and European organisations. Prof. Williamson has held academic research grants from the Economic and Social Research Council, various government departments and the European Commission. His contributions have significantly advanced knowledge in the field of youth studies, citizenship and social exclusion, and he is a passionate advocate for the development and social integration of young people.

“I share the same vision with RJ4All, where we harness the power of restorative justice research to support the development of young people, fostering community cohesion and inclusion. I am eager to play my part in realising the vision of establishing the world’s first restorative justice postcode in London and expanding its model beyond,” Prof. Williamson said, with his customary enthusiasm.

As the new vice-chair of RJ4All’s Research Committee, Prof. Williamson will work with other committee members to advance the effort to provide evidence proving the power of restorative justice, while placing a strong emphasis on ethical considerations.

With increasing expertise, RJ4All is poised to make significant strides in the field of restorative justice research, promoting power sharing, equality, dignity, respect and fairness worldwide. 

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