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Restorative Dialogue Against Violent Radicalisation (RDaVR)

Project Status: Closed

Restorative Dialogue Against Violent Radicalisation (RDaVR)

Grant Agreement N: 2020-1-UK01-KA204-079115


There is an increasing phenomenon of violent radicalisation, extremism and nationalism across Europe, with a need for a new approach that will help to prevent young people from engaging in these violent activities. 
As part of RJ4All’s wider programme on Preventing & Addressing Violent Radicalisation and Extremism, we set up the Restorative Dialogue Against Violent Radicalisation (RDaVR) project. 
Funded by Erasmus+, RDaVR is a project built on the concepts of dialogue and restorative justice and aims to prevent violent radicalisation and extremism amongst young people across Europe. The project is built on the expertise and experience of seven organisations across six Erasmus countries, which together will develop, pilot and disseminate an innovative model that will improve the knowledge and confidence of professionals working with those at risk of becoming radicalised.  
RDaVR will exchange its results at national and European levels to achieve the objectives of Erasmus+, the 2015 ‘Paris Declaration’, the EU strategy for combating radicalisation and the Erasmus+ Inclusion and Diversity Strategy.

Project IO’s

User Scrutiny Panel (USP)

USP is a formally constituted body within the RDaVR project, made by criminal justice professionals from the public, private and civil sectors who will take on responsibility for evaluating and steering the work of the project partners.

The USP has an important role to play in helping and advising the Project Consortium in their decision-making in respect of improvements in project outputs and activities.

USP aims to empower all justice professionals from the public, private and civil sectors, make a tangible change to criminal justice in the field of radicalization prevention and give their perspectives on the RDaVR project.

To learn more about the User Scrutiny Panel click here.

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