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Mobilizing against extremism through countering and diverting radicalization of young people

Grant Agreement N: 2020-2-UK01-KA205-079508

Project Aims

Europe is faced with increased phenomena of violent radicalisation, extremism and nationalism. Despite efforts by the European Commission and many Horizon and Erasmus+ projects, there is still a need to provide tailored support to young people who are at risk of being groomed into violent radicalised acts and speech.

RADEX brings together a strategic partnership of 6 cross-sector organisations from 6 Erasmus+ countries to address multiple Horizontal and Sectorial priorities. RADEX exchanges its results at national and European levels, helping in this way to achieve the objectives of Erasmus+, the 2015 ‘Paris Declaration’, the EU strategy for combating radicalisation, and the Erasmus+ Inclusion and Diversity Strategy.

In particular, RADEX aims to support young people at risk by providing them with an online platform that will include modules on youth violent radicalisation, a simulation video to showcase how, when and where different types of radicalisation processes may take place, and to whom they are addressed to. This tool will be based on real data and online research investigations.

Project Objectives

    • RADEX will make an impact on countering, preventing and diverting violent radicalisation, as it will equip young people, youth workers, social workers, youth organisations with the tools needed to identify patterns, methods, and different processes of youth violent radicalisation and a digital tool to prevent and/or divert it, when it happens.
    • Prevent and divert violent radicalisation and extremism of young people
    • Provide the target groups the tools and knowledge to detect the radicalisation process, online and offline
    • Provide knowledge to identify radicalised and extremist behaviour and different violent radicalisation processes
    • Provide for educational resources on violent radicalisation and extremism as well as a digital alert for disenfranchised youth that will serve as a tool to detect violent radicalisation processes
    • Raise awareness among local, national, and EU actors on youth radicalisation processes and patterns
    • Enhance young people’s critical thinking
    • Improve vigilance and alertness of young people, online and offline, and teach youth workers, social workers, youth organisations, etc., how to approach such topics
    • Enhance young people’s pro-activeness in online social communication and behaviour
    • Raise awareness of the target group on critical matters such as online safety
    • Participants and the target groups will become multipliers of the project’s tool and results.

Introduction Video

Findings Video


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