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The Restorative Justice for All (RJ4All) International Institute is excited to announce an opening for a Consultancy position as a Project Officer for our "Footstep Forward - A Youth Resilience Project".

Footsteps Forward Project

The  Sports Team and Violent Reduction Unit of the Mayor of London are funding RJ4All to deliver a pilot project aimed at addressing youth violence by implementing our positive and holistic approach to support young people dealing with bereavement. The goal of the RJ4ALL Footsteps Forward project is to build the strengths, emotional agility and resilience of young people who are experiencing bereavement to overcome the challenges that they are experiencing.

The project is designed to cater to the needs of 10 young people in London aged between 14 and 18 who are faced with a loss. These situations may be triggered by youth violence or other factors.

The project unfolds over ten months, spanning from April 2024 to January 2025.

The key components are:

  • Weekly sports activities;
  • Therapeutic individual path;
  • Monthly group therapy sessions;
  • Engagement activities and well-being support;
  • Youth Club+ Building Resilience participation;
  • Individual pathway planning

However, marginalised groups, facing discrimination based on factors like age, race, gender, belief, socio-economic background, disability, or sexual orientation, often lack resources and a voice to challenge the powerful. RJ4All was founded to confront this challenge, empowering the voiceless and redistributing power for social justice. We pursue our vision by using the power of dialogue, education, sports and art, as well as the practices of restorative justice. 

The Role

The role is on a consultant basis, 2 days per week, £100-110/day rate (depending on experience). 

As the Project Officer, you will deliver the project and lead it throughout until its completion. This includes the leading on key activities and management of the project’s participants.  

Key Responsibilities

Project Delivery

  • To lead on delivering the project adhering to project budget and timeline
  • To recruit 10 people who fit the project’s target, deliver outreach plan, and continuously seek new referrals, act as their first point of contact, support them and work closely with them to access all project services in a manner that is tailored to their needs and circumstances including carrying out an entry and exit questionnaire.
  • To respect all research ethics standards and conform to RJ4All relevant policies.
    To resource and coordinate delivery partners including therapists, coaches & personal trainers, youth workers, etc.
  • To coordinate project activities including group & one-to-one therapy and sports sessions.
  • To implement the project’s Research Protocol, relevant project monitoring and evaluation data (entry forms, feedback forms).
  • To lead monthly meetings with the funder and work closely with their team to ensure prompt and successful delivery.
  • To report on timely progress with the line manager.
  • To support the research aspect including updating Theory of Change, research protocol, and support with the research analysis and report drafting.
  • To line manage any volunteers supporting the project.


  • To perform any other reasonable duties as required by the line manager. 
  • To undertake all tasks respecting RJ4All’s Equality and Diversity Policy as well as RJ4All’s founding values.
  • To comply with the RJ4All’s Employee Handbook and other RJ4All Policies.
  • To attend and participate in internal RJ4All meetings including staff meetings.
  • To attend relevant training in order to fulfil the requirements of the role.
  • To treat with confidentiality any information about RJ4All members, users, staff and research that could be deemed as personal, private or sensitive.


How to apply: for application: Thursday 23rd May 

Send your application, including CV, Cover Letter, and Diversity Monitoring Form to: with the title “consultant – Footstep Forward application”. 

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