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RJ4All Restorative Justice Postcode Programme Steering Group Member

Open Call
Deadline for application: 2:00 PM, 6th November, 2023

Background to the RJ4All Restorative Justice Postcode Programme Steering Group 

RJ4All is embarking on a postcode-wide project to build the world’s first restorative justice postcode in SE16. RJ4All is currently monitoring the effects of the RJ4All Rotherhithe Community Centre in SE16 London as part of the organisation’s effort in combatting power abuse and inequality through restorative justice values.  The purpose of the Steering Group is to provide strategic support, guidance, and promotion for the SE16 Restorative Justice Postcode project.

The Steering Group is currently composed of 4 external members including two local councillors, and three representatives of national and local funding organisations (StreetGame, Rotherhithe Consolidated Charities), and led by RJ4All Director Dr Theo Gavrielides. As an outcome of the first Steering Group meeting, we are now recruiting 5 additional members to complete the Steering Group. 


We are looking for Steering Group members who can commit to attend quarterly meetings and contribute a minimum of an hour per month for the project. Members are invited to contribute their time, talents, and networks to the project. Membership is non-transferrable.

Role description

The key purpose of the Steering Group is to support the SE16 postcode project strategically, and help steer its direction, particularly in the areas of impact, awareness raising and communication, partnership, and collaboration:

  1. Help develop the Restorative Justice Memorandum of Understanding for local stakeholders to follow,
  2. Help develop and implement the project’s communication and dissemination strategy,
  3. Help recruit the project’s wider network and stakeholders,
  4. Provide critical and constructive feedback on (a) results and impact (b) project content and development,
  5. Help with project sustainability.

There are 5 available positions. 

What profiles and expertise are we looking for?  

We are specifically looking for people who are committed to building the first restorative justice postcode in SE16 and can promote the project through their local network. 

This could include applications from

  • Individuals with experience in the police (MET police, Safer Neighbourhood Teams, etc.) and knowledge about criminality in SE16 and Southwark Council more broadly,
  • Individuals to represent the voice of young people (under the age of 25),
  •  Individuals with extensive experience in supporting vulnerable people,
  • Individuals from the arts, culture, and media sector who can represent their network,
  • Individuals with lived experience in the criminal justice system,
  • Individuals with network in the local enterprise sector and who are eager to represent their views,
  • Individuals with network in education settings and schools – local network in SE16 is beneficial, 
  • Individuals from our local community who are eager to represent residents and views of their peers. 

What skills are we looking for?

  • Network in SE16 and/or in a particular professional or social sphere,
  • Alignment with the aims, ethos and organisational culture of RJ4All including its vision, mission and values,
  • Willingness to contribute to an innovative project, 
  • Ability to draw on professional networks
  • Problem solving skills, critical thinking and ability to challenge data & evidence 
  • Strong quantitative and qualitative research and analytical skills,
  • Commitment to the values of dialogue, transparency, non-adversarial methods of conflict resolution and restorative justice. 


Your contribution will not only enhance the centre effects in SE16 but will also benefit a pioneering research project that aims to build the world’s first restorative postcode in the world in SE16. Below are listed our key objectives: 

  • Community cohesion is improved through a more equal distribution of local power.
  • Poverty and disadvantage leading to social cohesion issues and violence are reduced through a provision of a holistic approach (e.g., foodbank, physical and mental health services, education, and volunteering).
  • Recorded crime and anti-social behaviour are reduced through relationship building between the community sector, housing providers, schools, and criminal justice agencies as well as between state agents and community members.
  • Hate attitudes are reduced through community-based approaches.
  • Police and criminal justice caseload is diverted to community-based approaches such as restorative justice both prior and post prosecution.
  • School conflicts and bullying are reduced through an increase in schools’ knowledge, skills and awareness of restorative justice and peer mediation.
  • Residents’ conflicts and violence are reduced starting with from our own landlord’s estates surrounding our centre.

How to apply

In order to apply please send your CV alongside and a short paragraph highlighting how your skills and profile will be a great fit for the steering group, to with the title “[name] [surname] – application for the Restorative Justice Postcode Programme Steering Group ”. The deadline for application is 2:00 PM, October 4th, 2023. 

Can I still help if I don’t fall under the required categories for the steering group?

Your contribution is valuable to us, in whichever form this may appear. If you want to help SE16 to become the first restorative postcode, you can donate to our organization or you can check out our internship and volunteering pages!

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