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RJ4All is at the forefront of driving impactful change through its efforts to inform policy design. With a commitment to promoting restorative justice principles, we are making initiatives in shaping policies that reflect the transformative potential of restorative approaches. One of our priorities is the development of legal frameworks that integrate restorative justice practices and ethos through comprehensive national and international research, grassroots interventions, and strategic advocacy. 

Operating globally, our initiatives span from the Community Centre in Southeast London to international projects across Europe, through our Cyprus office, and beyond. We are gradually advancing the creation of the world’s first restorative justice postcode in the UK, with plans to replicate this model on a global scale. Through these initiatives, we aim to demonstrate the effectiveness of restorative justice principles in real-world settings and bridge the gap between restorative justice theory and practice. 

Our effort alone isn’t enough for success. In order to harness the power of collective voice, we actively partner with other like-minded organisations, advocacy campaigns and alliances, and local communities. Through these collaborations, ongoing dialogues towards integrating restorative justice principles into legislation are facilitated.

RJ4All’s Policy Priorities for 2024

In 2024, RJ4All’s policy advocacy will be centred on three key bills currently under consideration by Parliament:

By focusing our efforts on these bills, we can streamline our campaigning initiatives to ensure the inclusion of restorative justice, thereby advancing the broader pursuit of justice.

Why Focus on These Bills? 

The inclusion of these three bills in parliamentary debate comes at an important time. The country’s criminal justice system is buckling under increased pressure due to a prison capacity crisis. This comes amid further questions about victims’ rights, debates about Imprisonment for Public Protection sentences and alternatives to incarceration. 

By drawing on both experience and expertise not only within the organisation but from partnerships and campaigns, RJ4All has already begun campaigning efforts to leverage the prominence of restorative justice in these discussions.

Importantly, policy requests made by RJ4All are evidence-based and non-political, calling for cross-party support and unity to restore harm in diverse contexts. 

RJ4All’s mission is to inform policy design remains ongoing, employing a multi-faceted approach that integrates expert insights, community experiences, and public campaigns. By leveraging these diverse perspectives, RJ4All aims to elevate discussions about restorative justice and ensure its prominence in policy conversations.

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The provision of restorative justice in Victims & Prisoners Bill

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