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People of RJ4All: Sonia Cee – RJ4All’s Green Champion

Hey everyone! Today, we have a special guest, Sonia Cee, a passionate green volunteer and community enthusiast. Let’s dive into her insights on her role with RJ4All and the impact of the restorative justice postcode at SE16 

Sonia, could you tell us a bit about your involvement with RJ4All?

Hi everyone! I'm Sonia, a green volunteer with RJ4All. I've been involved since July 2023, initially joining when looking for community centres to donate tomato plants. 

Within RJ4All, I run the gardening club, facilitate wellbeing circles, and lend a hand in cooking sessions. I stumbled upon RJ4All after growing my own plants and food, seeking out community centres willing to take the surplus.

Restorative justice is at the heart of RJ4All's mission. Can you share your understanding of what restorative justice means?

Absolutely! Initially, I wasn't drawn to supporting the work at the community centre, but being part of RJ4All has changed that. I see restorative justice as a process empowering individuals to resolve issues collaboratively.

Through the wellbeing circles, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of giving everyone a voice in a safe space. It fosters empowerment and a sense of belonging.

What do you think RJ4All's restorative justice postcode project could mean for the local community?

The SE16 project is about more than just a postcode; it’s about unity and communication under the restorative justice ethos.

By fostering better community cohesion and communication, we can nip potential issues in the bud, preventing them from escalating into larger problems.

Thank you, Sonia, for sharing your valuable insights into RJ4All and the restorative justice postcode project. It’s clear that community empowerment and collaboration are at the forefront of your work.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and initiatives from RJ4All, making a difference one circle at a time!

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Growing together: Inspiring Community Gardening at SE16

Sonia is also leading RJ4All’s environmental project to combat pollution. Collaborated with RJ4All, she initiated and runs the Community gardening session takes place every Thursday as part of RJ4All’s Rotherhithe Community Centre‘s efforts to bring people together and improve community well-being in SE16. Anna, the Community Centre Manager, believes that “Gardening, along with food banks, sports, and arts, creates a warm hub for people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures.” 

One local citizen, who attends the gardening session every week, shares her enthusiasm: “It’s really nice! I now have new plants at home that I can grow myself, and I get to talk about them every week at the gardening session!”

Sonia expresses her passion and commitment: “Last year, I started growing food on my balcony, and it has been a lovely way for me to relax after a busy day at work. I volunteer at RJ4All’s gardening club because I’m excited to share the joy and satisfaction that comes from gaining this skill. The club members have different levels of experience, and they are a supportive and amazing group. It’s wonderful to see everyone’s progress.”

This community gardening session goes beyond cultivating plants. It fosters friendships and creates a sense of belonging. It exemplifies RJ4All’s approach to community engagement, and builds on the vision to create the first restorative justice postcode in SE16. 

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