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Innovation Beyond Borders:

World and Local Peace From the Bottom-up

Over the past 10 years, RJ4All’s mission and vision have remained steadfastly committed to making the ethos of restorative justice accessible to all, both locally and globally. As an international thought-leader in restorative justice, RJ4All has played a pivotal role in promoting its principles across Europe and around the globe. Meanwhile, the RJ4All Community Centre stands as a beacon of community empowerment at the local level.

Perhaps the greatest challenge for any social change organisation is to demonstrate that the scale of its vision and purpose can be matched by its real-world impact. Theo and his team do this every day. By living and breathing the vision, yet focusing on the unique importance of every single project, engagement and interaction, RJ4All demonstrates time and again how power can be redistributed more equally globally, nationally and in local communities.

RJ4All does what it says on the tin! It offers restorative justice for all through its practices but also values of power-sharing, equality dignity, respect and involvement in decision-making. We do this through four interlinked arms: International Works, the Restorative Justice Postcode Project with RJ4All Community Centre at is heart, RJ4All Sports and RJ4All Publications. These four pillars aim to provide a holistic solution to community tensions increasing community cohesion through the provision of local, national and international services. It is our dream that RJ4All becomes a world movement that will see the local and international community rising to the injustices that we have all silently accepted, and through partnership working to achieve a better future for all. 

From Local to Global

We pilot models locally, document impact, and replicate globally. Visit our project!
We combat power abuse, sexual violence, conflict, and inequality. Visit our projects to witness the impact firsthand.

Restorative Justice Power House

We gain the support of funders, staff, interns, volunteers, patrons, and board members.
We all share a deep belief in the transformative power of restorative justice.
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Empowering the individual

We empower community cohesion and strengthen resilience.
We make it through sports, community-led activities, volunteering, and internship opportunities.
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Sharing Knowledge

Through research, publications and e-courses
Researching grey areas of justice, informing policy and giving voice
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Impact Reports

At RJ4All, we hold ourselves accountable to our funders, supporters, staff, interns, volunteers, and communities. We do so through the regular publication of annual impact reports, which transparently document our achievements, challenges, and the tangible outcomes of our initiatives. These reports serve as a testament to our ongoing commitment to creating positive change and fostering inclusive, restorative societies. 

10-year Report

Recent updates!

Sport England supports RJ4All’s RJiNEAR model to Foster Youth Resilience

London, March 2024: The Restorative Justice International Institute (RJ4All) has bolstered its capacity and resources to enhance youth resilience with its recent grant from Sport England, supported by the National Lottery. With this additional funding and the implementation of its meticulously designed RJiNEAR model, the organisation is dedicated to extending the provision of Resilience-building Youth Club+ during this year. This initiative will benefit nearly 300 young individuals through a comprehensive blend of training, sports activities, and community engagement, all guided by the RJiNEAR model.

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STOP PRESS: A huge step towards making restorative justice for all: Growing and launching the world’s largest free restorative justice e-library

[London, UK, 30th March 2024]: Restorative Justice for All International Institute (RJ4All) embarks on a new phase of growth, extending its commitment to embracing restorative justice values and practices through the acquisition of new funding and the initiation of projects locally and internationally. RJ4All is poised for this expansion through bolstered leadership, increased team capacity, and the introduction of its new website and a free restorative justice e-library, serving as a repository for its comprehensive knowledge on the subject.

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