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October Youth Club+ 2023

Festive Holiday Fun: Winter Youth Club+

Upholding your resilience: Join our Summer Youth Club+

All are free.

Join us from October 23rd to October 27th at The RJ4All Community Centre for an incredible Youth Club+ programme. Young people aged 10-16 can enjoy our activities from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM each day.

Exciting activities awaits

– Team sports activities such as football and boxing
– A spooky talent show!
– Resillience Workshops
– Cultural walks, visits, and trips
– Arts and craft workshops
– Free hot lunches

What’s special: RJiNEAR model resilience workshop

We understand that your children are growing up quickly, and with growth comes various challenges. This interactive workshop is designed to enhance their emotional intelligence, awareness of values, options, choices, and respond with growth. Participants will get an RJ4All Resilience Certificate.

Come join us for four days of fun, friendship, learning and to build youth resilience.

Spaces will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis, so don’t forget to register!

The button will redirect you to RJ4All’s registration form. Please email with any queries

Special Halloween Features!

Are you aged 13 to 16 and eager to enhance your leadership and communication skills? Join our February Youth Club+ for a unique chance to become a Youth Ambassador. In addition to participating in Youth Club+ activities, you will have the opportunity to take on added responsibilities, ultimately earning your Youth Ambassador certificate upon completion of the programme. Register to be our Youth Ambassador!

Our Youth Clubs+ aim to provide parents with an accessible and affordable option for their young ones over the school holidays. They give children and young people the chance to come together and build friendships, have fun and learn something new. This is a part of our efforts in reducing isolation and improving community cohesion through restorative practices and activities.

Our Youth Clubs+ programme aligns with Southwark Council’s vision for Youth Services in delivering high-quality, modern services tailored to the needs of young people, aiming to support them in living happy, secure, and enriched lives while successfully transitioning into adulthood.

Please note that RJ4All is committed to protecting all children in our care from harm, including the active implementation of Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies, by staff who are DBS checked.

Our free Youth Clubs+ aligns with our vision to create the world’s first Restorative Postcode.

Get in Touch:


Phone: +44(0)7708758600

Have a look at our exiting May Half term Youth Club+!

Thanks to our supporters for making this week possible!

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