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Project Status: Closed


2020-1- UK01-KA227-SCH-094436

Project Motivation

Creativity in education is unpresented in the majority of the educational settings around world. Although creativity is important for inventive thinking and problem-solving skills, teachers are not train on how to enhance creativity in schools. Furthermore, due to Covid-19 impact the need for creativity in education is even more necessary for the next generations. Creativity is fundamental to human thought development and survival. Creativity theories are important in supporting instruction and learning, and elevation of teacher understanding and learning design. As the economic gap is widening due to the pandemic, creativity can act as a key engineer for facilitating social harmony, sustainable human development, technological invention and scientific revolution. 
The Restoring Power project focuses on the development of creativity in education by training people working in schools such as teachers, principals and educators on how to foster a creative class atmosphere, and to equip young people with competences and skills necessary for future challenges. The project will foster new forms of learning by real life cases, virtual mobility, coaching and flipped classroom. It brings together 6 diverse organisations from the UK, Turkey, Norway, Italy, Ireland, and Malta to form a strategic partnership that will empower schools to pursue creative education. Responding to Covid19 challenges, our project’s main objective is to deliver the Erasmus HORIZONTAL priority of Skills Development and Inclusion through creativity and the arts. 

E-Course: Nurturing creativity in the Classroom

Ignite creativity in your classroom and school with our CPD e-course. This course empowers professionals by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to foster creativity among their students. This course is completely free! Enroll now to enhance your capacity to inspire and engage students through innovative and imaginative teaching strategies. Check out this Infographic to see how the eCourse will benefit you.

Restoring Power Results

  • design and publish the methodological guidelines, a training curriculum for teachers and principals to equip schools with the necessary graphical material and lead transformation to creative class atmosphere.
  • will also design Creativity MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), a blended professional development course which teaches educators the foundation of creativity and empowers them with the tools. It is a combination of a Moodle e-learning and face-to-face training.
  • will produce the handbook “Nurturing Creativity in Education” which is the analysis of the results of the project related activities, done in each partner country, and to compare it with relevant existing data
  • elaborate a Hands-on toolkit in order to help teacher adopting the creative approach.

Project outputs:

Support young people

To equip young people and adults with the necessary competences to be able to come up with creative and innovative solutions



Support teachers/educators

To train teachers/educators in the use of new methods and tools related to creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and enhance their professional development

Support students

 To develop students’ creativity and dynamic thinking through varying scenarios, showcasing multiple solutions, and considering mind expansive concepts.


Promote practices

To increase awareness about the advantages of creativity in education and to promote the application of practical methods that can be implemented both in classrooms and in general school settings.

Exchange of practices – International meetings diary

LPM in Florence

LTT1 in Dublin

LTT2 in Florence

TPM Malta


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