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Sport England supports RJ4All’s RJiNEAR model to Foster Youth Resilience

London, March 2024: The Restorative Justice International Institute (RJ4All) has bolstered its capacity and resources to enhance youth resilience with its recent grant from Sport England, supported by the National Lottery. With this additional funding and the implementation of its meticulously designed RJiNEAR model, the organisation is dedicated to extending the provision of Resilience-building Youth Club+ during this year. This initiative will benefit nearly 300 young individuals through a comprehensive blend of training, sports activities, and community engagement, all guided by the RJiNEAR model.

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STOP PRESS: A huge step towards making restorative justice for all: Growing and launching the world’s largest free restorative justice e-library

[London, UK, 30th March 2024]: Restorative Justice for All International Institute (RJ4All) embarks on a new phase of growth, extending its commitment to embracing restorative justice values and practices through the acquisition of new funding and the initiation of projects locally and internationally. RJ4All is poised for this expansion through bolstered leadership, increased team capacity, and the introduction of its new website and a free restorative justice e-library, serving as a repository for its comprehensive knowledge on the subject.

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Dear Lord Bellamy,

I am writing to you about the positioning of the government on restorative justice and the Victims and Prisoners Bill. We understand from your statement during the debate on the 31st January that the government wishes for restorative justice not to be mentioned on the face of the bill, but to remain in the Victims Code.

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PRESS RELEASE: Empowering Communities to Address Gender-Based Violence and Hate Incidents through Restorative Justice

London, March 2024: The Restorative Justice International Institute (RJ4All) has forged a new partnership with the City Bridge Foundation, which has provided funding through a five-year grant, to launch the Restoring and Empowering Communities (REC) project. REC will focus on three core aims: preventing gender-based violence (GBV) and hate incidents, providing support to both direct and indirect victims, and empowering local professionals to integrate restorative justice practices into their support services for affected individuals.

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