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New community-based programme to restore communities post COVID19 in South East London – Press Release

Empowering residents to support the prevention of COVID19 and increasing the vaccine uptake

Restorative Justice for All (RJ4All) international institute is proud to introduce the Covid19 Restoring Communities Programme (CRC). This programme was made possible funding from two grants, the VCS COVID-19 outreach Grant and the NHS COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake grant. Both grants were awarded to organisations based on the fundamental criteria that grant recipients must fulfil the objective of empowering the Southwark community, and with RJ4All’s vision to create the first restorative postcode we aim to do just that.

Professor Theo Gavrielides, RJ4All Founder and Director, said: “Southeast London and especially the estates surrounding the RJ4All Community Centre suffered greatly in the last two years. Restoring our communities and creating resilience for what is yet to come are top priorities for RJ4All, and we are pleased to be working with our Council and local organisations towards this aim. We need everyone’s support and I am excited to be launching soon our long term programme for developing the first restorative postcode where no one is left behind”.

The programme focuses on empowering local residents to support the prevention of COVID19 and to increase the uptake of the vaccines. CRC aims to target priority community groups with the greatest COVID-19 vulnerability based on national and local public health intelligence insights, specifically:

  • Black African communities
  • Black Caribbean Communities
  • Health and social care workers 
  • Migrants and refugees
  • Muslim communities 
  • Over 75s
  • Pentecostal communities
  • People experiencing homelessness
  • People with disabilities

To reach these target groups, RJ4All will create numerous community engagement activities. To this end, we will:

Host ‘Lets talk about COVID-19’ online and in-person events

  • Create and manage a sub-community of Community Health Ambassadors 
  • Share content with community members through communications channels (e.g., weekly newsletters, WhatsApp groups, social media)
  • Offer lateral flow tests at our Rotherhithe Community Centre

As part of our vision for a restorative post-code, the COVID19 Restoring Communities programme is grounded in our restorative justice founding value of power sharing. To this end, activities implemented in the context of this programme will enable members of the community to engage with project facilitators in a timely, consistent, and meaningful manner. CRC will enable an equal distribution of power through shared knowledge, opinion, and compassion and we are hopeful that it will bring about many more testimonials like the one quoted below: 

“We’re really pleased to be supporting Restorative Justice for All with their important Covid-19 work in the community. We’re so excited to see all the brilliant activities they have planned come to life and hear about the difference and positive impact they will surely have in the local area.”

– Bridie Hinson, Healthwatch Southwark & Community Southwark

More information on this monumental programme can be found here: COVID19 Restoring Communities.

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