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Proudly presenting RJ4All’s new 3-year Strategy

As we settle into 2023, we are delighted to announce the new RJ4All 3-Year Strategy! 

The RJ4All Strategy 2023 is the third strategic document that has been produced since RJ4ALL’s inception. This 3-year Strategy, drafted by the RJ4All Director, is based on strategic discussions at Board and staff levels, as well as evidence that the Institute has been gathering from its User Groups, service users and members.

The strategy is not just an important document, but a way that RJ4All conceptualises day-to-day efforts amongst its diverse team who are committed to strengthening the local and international communities that they serve.

On a grey and rainy Tuesday in early January, the RJ4All team grouped together in London for an Away Day to mark this new strategy, shed some light on all efforts so far, discuss what more is possible, and map out where to go next. “What is a strategy? How do we conceptualise our objectives; audience; strategic approach; implementation; and evaluation? What are priorities for RJ4All? What do we need to do better?” were just some of the questions fuelling discussions on the day.

The Away Day was attended by RJ4All centre and project staff, RJ practitioners, Non-Executive Board Members, interns, along with a regular service user, and a nod to international Project Officers working abroad. Following interactive discussions, SWOT analyses, presentations and group brainstorms, it is clear that this is only the beginning. RJ4All will continue to strengthen its local efforts while maintaining the global mindset at its core to address power abuse through restorative justice.

To read more about RJ4All’s latest strategy, including its key strategic aims, a reminder of the RJ4All Vision, Mission, and goal of the world’s first restorative post code, please follow the links below to the strategy document itself as well as a summary of the Away Day.RJ4All Away Day and Strategy Summary RJ4All Strategy 2023 

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