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Monthly Restorative Justice International and UK News

By RJ4All 

One-Minute Review 🌟

📬 Director’s Message: A huge step towards making restorative justice for all: Growing and launching the world’s largest free restorative justice e-library. 

📍 UK Restorative Justice News: Monthly Walking and Cycling. Restorative Justice Workshop for Local Polices. Celebrating Women at RJ4All.

🌍 International Restorative Justice News: Call for mutual partnerships. Recruitment of intern for RJ4All Europe. RJ4All’s RJiNEAR Model presented at RAN Prisons Working Group meeting. 

📘 Publication of the Month: Call for Papers: Special Issue ‘Artificial Intelligence, Communications Technology and Restorative Justice’

One-Minute Review 🌟

📣 What’s On: Petition to support restorative justice in the Victims & Prisoners Bill. The study on Practice Framework for Social Care Nurses. Restorative Justice Library Launch. Peace Circle on International Women Day, and Cook & Connect Sessions for adults at RJ4All Community Centre. 

🔍 Past Month’s Highlights
🔄 Speak Up! Community ForumFebruary Youth Club+Justice Innovations Summit in Hawaii. RJ4All’s Participation in Southwark Council’s Efforts Against Domestic Abuse and Gender-based Violence. World Day of Social Justice at RJ4All. 

📚 New Resources: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Restorative Justice | RJ Webinar series by Prof. Gavrielides E23RJINEAR Model of Resilience – Train the Trainer CPD Course. 

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One-Minute Review 🌟


📣 What’s On: RJ4All‘s Joint Advocacy Letter to champion restorative justice in the Victims Bill. Speak Up! Community ForumFebruary Youth Club+Cook & Connect Sessions for adults. And RJ4All‘s Digital Hub, now featuring accessible public computers! 

🔍 Past Month’s Highlights
🔄 RJ4All‘s impactful engagements with influential voices. Contribution to the betterment of restorative justice services in London. Milan Mobility – Restorative Justice for Restorative Communities.

January, 2024

One-Minute Review 🌟

What’s Coming Up: International Restorative Justice Week 2023, Young Social Entrepreneurship Competition, the Fred Award 2023, the Restorative Justice Postcode Steering Group recruitment.

October Recap: Highlights from the Insights23 Festival Events at RJ4All, The October Youth Club+, #EatYourPumpkin and #GetOnlineWeek event, insightful training on Challenging Behaviours and Business Development.

New Publications: Explore our latest book on “Ways of Modernising Education and Improving the Research Skills of Young People,” along with blogs celebrating Black History Month.

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