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RJ4All Membership Application

RJ4All was constituted as a membership organisation and as such we are accountable to our members. We are an open and safe space for everyone who believes in our mission, vision and values. 

By becoming a member, will you actively contribute to our ambitious endeavour of Rebalancing Power in society, driving us closer to our shared goal of creating a world where restorative justice principles thrive at the grassroots level and beyond. 

But there also practical benefits from joining the RJ4All family and movement. We have listed some examples in this page. Ultimately RJ4All is required to first serve its members and then anyone else, while its members (including you) are the first to hold us to account. Democracy in action!

Some of the benefits of joining the RJ4All family

Gain membership rights such as participate in our strategic away days, AGMs, vote and hold us into account.

Join the RJ4All pool of Associates allowing you to find out more about paid consultancies at the organisation (e.g. research projects, training and evaluation)

Subscription to RJ4All members’ regular updates including exclusive opportunities such as paid consultancies and fully funded bursaries to travel abroad

Priority free tickets to our Annual International Conference

Subscription to our Restorative Justice Research Network (RJRN) network and Facebook Group

Be able to stand for election as a Non-Executive Diretor or apply to provide consultancy services. 

20% discount to all our CPD accredited e-courses and face to face courses.

Subscription to our monthly blogs with critical views on current policy and research updates on restorative justice

30% discount on all our e-books

1 free ebook of your choice when signing up

1 free article of your choice per year from our peer reviewed Internet Journal of Restorative Justice (IJRJ)

1 free article of your choice per year from our peer reviewed Youth Voice Journal (YVJ)

Not Just a member but a gamechanger for social change
Joining the International Restorative Justice Pledge

Restorative Justice for All (RJ4All) is not just an international institute, but also a global social justice movement. Whether you are staff, consultant, volunteer, intern, a member or just someone who believes in our mission, vision and values, we invite you to sign up to the Pledge and join our restorative justice global movement. 

By becoming a member of RJ4All, you are signing up for RJ4All’s Pledge.

How to join?

You can join our Membership and Pledge today by filling out a short form in the button below. This will also allow you to receive our monthly newsletter with updates on how we are doing in relation to our pledge and other work.

All our services rely on donations and charitable funds. To process your membership we require a nominal donation. Most of our team members are volunteers, and we re-invest all our income into our charitable objectives and projects. 

We like to keep simple! So, we have only 3 membership categories with an annual donation of:

– £35 for individuals

– £55 for non-profit and community organisations 

– £75 for private and public sector bodies. 

Payment can be made via the secured Paypal link below or by emailing RJ4All Secretariat

If you cannot afford the cost please contact us to discuss your circumstances. 

Together we can make change!

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