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In case you missed it… Meet the RJ4All Board!

Welcome to the first in our series of blog posts introducing you to the various members of our varied and diverse team, made up of various boards, interns, volunteers, User Groups and (inter)national project staff.

Whether you are new to RJ4All this week or have been following our work for a decade, you will likely be aware of our organisation and the kind of work that we do, from RJ4All’s Community Centre, Sports initiatives and Publications. But who is behind this work and the organisation? What are some of their stories?

First up in the series: RJ4All’s trusty board of NED Board Members. We invite you to read the full post debuting this series to better understand the team behind RJ4All.Click here to read the whole post! 

We believe that it is important to know more about our NED Board Members because of their significant involvement and impact in the management and oversight of RJ4All activities. Our Board is responsible for steering our overall strategic direction and decisions and ensuring that RJ4All operates in the best interests of our stakeholders.

Thank you in advance for your readership, comments and support that reminds us of why this work is so important.

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