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Stop Press: The Corporate Livewire Award & Crowdfunding campaign

RJ4All has been named the winner of the Law Initiative of the Year – Greater London category by Corporate LiveWire for our commitment in promoting restorative justice and combating power abuse. This recognition is a testament to the collective efforts from RJ4All itself, the local community in SE16 area, local counselors, and other national and international partners. 

To sustain its positive impact, RJ4All has also recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for GLocal project aiming at tackling climate change by doable, tangible, and local interventions at our community centre. Donate now! 

The Corporate LiveWire Awards are a prestigious honor that celebrates business achievement and champions the best in their respective fields. RJ4All is proud to be recognised  in the Law Initiative category thanks to its remarkable achievements in promoting community cohesion and facilitating power sharing based on restorative justice values.

James Walker, a board member of RJ4All emphasized the importance of spreading the message of restorative justice and raising awareness of RJ4All’s important work:

“It is very gratifying to be recognised by Corporate LiveWire. Awards recognition is important as it spreads the message of restorative justice and raises awareness for RJ4All’s important work.”

RJ4All will be featured in the annual 2023 Innovation & Excellence Awards publication, which will be presented to 77,000 Corporate LiveWire subscribers from a wide range of industries including legal, finance, energy, healthcare, manufacturing and many more.

John Grounds, also a member of RJ4All board, expressed his pride in the team’s achievement:

“What a tremendous honour to be recognised in this way by Corporate LiveWire. We are so proud of the whole team for what they have achieved. It is so important that the principles of Restorative Justice are widely shared, understood and practised. We see this award as an endorsement of RJ4All’s efforts to do just that.”

To continue our mission, we are inviting the community to join us to fight climate change by donating £2,000 through our  crowdfunding campaign for the GLocal project. Climate change affects everyone, but it has a disproportionate impact on disadvantaged communities. The rising costs of living have made this reality even tougher for these groups, including those accessing RJ4All’s Community Centre in SE16 London.

RJ4All offers practical steps at local level to deal with the global issue by facilitating leadership and initiatives from local community and youth. Our food bank and community fridge have already welcomed over 1,000 people from the SE16 area, providing healthy food and reducing food waste and CO2 emissions. RJ4All is also empowering local youth to learn and practice green energy, climate action, and environmental protection through free Youth Clubs activities, and work with local people to build our own green garden. 

AVIVA will match every penny donated, tripling our effort to promote healthy, thriving communities.

RJ4All’s success is only possible with the close support of its community. Join us and make the most positive impact!
£1 donated, £3 received. Donate now! 


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