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To read about our legacy projects, just simply follow the images below. Most of our projects lead to a publication in the form of an e-book, magazine or booklet published by our independent, publishing arm RJ4All Publications.

Preventing Gender-Based Violence in Youth Settings


Restoring Respect Through Music Education

The Use of Web 2.0 and Asynchronous Education Tools in Distance Education (TiDE)

Culture and Art for Restorative Justice (CA4RJ)

Restorative Dialogue Against Violent Radicalisation (RDaVR)

Change the Attitude, Change the Climate! Think Global, Act Local! (GLOCAL)

Promoting a Safe Use of the Internet Against Cyberbullying (SIAC)

Mobilising against extremism through countering and diverting radicalisation of young people (RADEX)


The Wind of Change

Restorative Justice in Educational Settings and Policies

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