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At RJ4ALL, we accept ongoing applications for internships. Thus, there are always interesting and challenging opportunities to join us and to be part of our restorative justice social movement.

There are different ways in which you can get involved with us:

  • You can have a look at our project page for remote internships or our Community Centre page for office-based internship to identify a project of which you want to be part.
  • One of RJ4ALL’s activities is research. There are always opportunities to investigate various themes related to restorative justice and human rights. By subscribing to our Newsletter you can be informed about these opportunities or you can just fill out the general application form, specifically asking for research volunteering.
  • If you are aged 15 to 25, apply to be part of the Youth Management Board (YMB)
  • Do not hesitate to spread your ideas and potential! If  you have interesting ideas about projects that can be linked to our aims, contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Unpaid internship and volunteering positions can be carried out remotely due to the high costs of living in London. You will be daily supported with an ongoing dialogue about tasks and opportunities. In addition, you can combine more than one volunteering experience. RJ4ALL provides the opportunity of shared volunteering experiences, meaning that you can be part of a group and work together with other volunteers. 

For us it is important to know you and to understand what you expect from your experience. Thus, skype or direct interviews will take place in order to find the best solution for you and us!

NB: This page and many other pages on this website are written and manage by volunteers!

Do you simply want to ask us about volunteering at RJ4ALL? Then fill out the form below!

Open Application: Volunteering And Unpaid Internship Position Form


Volunteering is a journey with a beginning, middle and end. Therefore, we provide an entry questionnaire during all volunteers’ induction, which sets the baseline for learning but also the identification of specific needs impacting accessibility, mobility, accommodation and inclusion

We have an Equal Opportunities Policy, which covers everyone who is involved in the organisation at all stages (from recruitment, etc). As a volunteer, you will be supported at every stage of your internship by our staff. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds and want you to feel supported

Implementing our key restorative justice value of power sharing, we always keep an ongoing dialogue between all volunteers with the RJ4ALL Founder and Director. 
All volunteers have a Mentor who helps them reach personal achievements, aspirations and needs. Since we want to be sure that you can enjoy what you are doing, we are open to find the best solution for you; while giving you the opportunity to explore your abilities.

Our volunteering and internship scheme aims to benefit young people from across Europe. 


Moreover, we work with local and European organisations in order to support them to understand the needs of our target groups and users, and how to engage them with a view to involving them in the development of their services. 


Traditionally, our participants come from mixed backgrounds although RJ4All has always been focused on those with fewer opportunities (see more detailed answer below). The ages we cover usually range from 16-30, but where additional needs are identified the age limit extends to 35 years old. 


35% of our participants have attended university with 10% of them being or have been Masters students. The remaining have not been (or want to be) in university or further education. Most of our participants are faced with various barriers such as being a carer, economically or socially disadvantaged. We would also like to prioritise volunteers who have not been given similar experiences before due to their disadvantage and personal circumstances. 

RJ4All aims to empower communities through educational projects and help disseminate power through the implementation of restorative justice values and practices including intercultural dialogue, internships, training, volunteering, workshops, and the holding of mediation, family group conferencing and circles. 


RJ4All has long expertise in designing and delivering projects of international significance as well as providing high-quality volunteering placements. 


One of our key aims is to increase cultural awareness especially amongst children and young people, breaking in this way the barriers that lead to division and community tensions. RJ4All holds community-led projects focusing on integration throughout London and internationally.

We aim to provide high-quality volunteering opportunities to the most vulnerable and marginalised youth groups in society, including carers, BAME young people, migrants, and young people at risk of offending. However, volunteering and internships at RJ4All are open to anyone who has passion to make a contribution to society and justice in particular.


We have expertise in involving our volunteering in high-quality community-based, alternative educational and volunteering activities enhancing their skills, civic engagement and employability while diverting them from harm. 


That is why RJ4All applies the equality and human rights standards of the European Solidarity Cords Charter and all its work is supported by FRED founding values of Fairness – Respect – Equality – Dignity.

To learn more about our organisation and youth volunteering, click on the link on the right to download a Powerpoint presentation.

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