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Restorative justice week has been celebrated annually across Canada since 1996. It is now recognised internationally every third week of November to celebrate restorative justice practitioners and volunteers especially those working in the community. It is also an opportunity to thank all those who have been harmed or have harmed, and engaged in restorative justice. 

RJ4All is proud to have contributed to making this week an international event. Visit our archives below, and Dr. Gavrielides’ blogs and publications for the historical development of this week.

At RJ4All, we use this week to talk and learn about restorative justice, an ethos that was brought back in the 1970s to rebalance power in society. If you have a story to share with us and our members, please email it to or share it on our social media platforms and the biggest Facebook restorative justice research group our Restorative Justice Research Network (RJRN)

Read our Director and Founder's messages for #RJWeek

International restorative justice week is about celebrating and acknowledging achievements. But it is also an opportunity to look back, be self-critical and through honest feedback try to improve. There is so much potential in this bio-power called restorative justice! Dr. Gavrielides, RJ4All’s Director and Founder, has been writing an annual blog for restorative justice week since 2012. Click the link below to read his annual blog series.

Building the world's first restorative justice postcode

RJ4ll is endeavouring to build the world’s first restorative just postcode right here in SE16. This means we are collaborating with local stakeholders across SE16 to see restorative justice principles instilled in the local institutions and community. 

A restorative justice postcode will more equally distribute power throughout the community and address harm through restorative practices and preventative measures. With an understanding of restorative justice principles, key stakeholders will collaborate to alleviate poverty, reduce crime, support young people, celebrate diversity, and repair harm. 

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