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Induction to Restorative Justice

CPD course on Induction to Restorative Justice

RJ4All is pleased to offer this CPD accredited face-to-face course supported with training material and a reading list. 


This CPD accredited face-to-face course aims to provide a thorough and comprehensive induction to restorative justice putting an emphasis on its theoretical underpinnings and main  practices. It consists of 6 parts each including case studies:

  • Part I: Restorative justice: Fall and Rise
  • Part II: Restorative justice theory
  • Part III: Restorative justice practice
  • Part IV: Restorative justice in the criminal and youth justice systems
  • Part V: Evidence of effectiveness
  • Part VI: Case studies and discussion


The course has three modules and runs for 5 hours plus 1.5 hours break

There is an advance reading time of 


  • University students
  • Victims of crime and users of the criminal justice system
  • Criminal justice professionals including probation staff, police, prison staff
  • Justice community professionals and volunteers (e.g. neighborhood justice panels)
  • Local authorities and public sector bodies with criminal justice responsibilities
  • Youth justice professionals (Youth Offending teams, etc Restorative justice providers in the private, public and public sectors
  •  Victim support organizations.


  • Understand the history of punishment and control and the various models that have been adopted to deal with conflicts
  • Define and theoretically explain restorative justice
  • Be able to place restorative justice in a historical continuum and understand the reasons behind its fall and rise
  • Be able to identify the practices through which restorative justice is implemented
  • Understand how restorative justice is introduced into the criminal justice and youth justice systems
  • Critically approach the norm and practice of restorative justice including its benefits and weaknesses.
  • Practice the learning through case study workshops and test the overall knowledge, skills and experience through a CPD accredited exam.
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