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RJ4All indoor cycling

Project Status: Closed

Using fitness & power sharing to improve quality of life

Project Aims

Following the pandemic, we know that many people where we are based have suffered through elevated levels of anxiety, depression and/or loneliness due to the COVID19 restrictions. We also know that the closure of many public facilities left many of our neighbours isolated as well as exposed to mental and physical health risks. We want to address the reasons that lead to depression, isolation, anger and anti-social behaviour. RJ4All has a holistic approach to addressing poverty and disadvantage, which is preventative and not reactive! 
The RJ4All indoor cycling programme aims to encourage some of our communities most marginalised groups to become more active while creating new friendships at our Centre. Our programme aims to bring them together through RJ4All Sports, to learn about each other, get active and improve their health outcomes while increasing cultural awareness and community cohesion.


South East London where RJ4All’s Community Centre is based has higher levels of deprivation and disadvantage. Since April 2020, we have also recorded higher levels of victimisation and anti-social behaviour particularly within certain SE16 areas and populations. The need for assistance is supported by the solid evidence RJ4All has collected. Since April, RJ4All has been delivering COVID-19 emergency support services to South-East London residents, with a particular focus on mental health, and food/PPE provision. Through our helpline and e-forum we collected hundreds of statements of disadvantaged locals in need and so raised serious concerns in relation to local residents’ mental health, while also bringing up issues of basic survival.
Indoor cycling has multiple benefits. It is a low impact activity that is easy on joints. It can also provide an excellent cardiovascular workout. At RJ4All, our trainer carefully plans the sessions aiming for maximum benefits. Our sessions can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart conditions, help loose weight and offer resistance exercising your hamstrings, quarts and glutes. Indoor cycling can improve balance and strengthen your core. Finally, you can really have fun, create health targets and friendships, socialise and learn about others’ culture. Indoor cycling releases endorphins and can have multiple psychological benefits creating confidence and increasing levels of happiness. 

The Instructors

Olga Ribeka

Dr. Theo Gavrielides

Due to limited funding, we have only 5 bikes. Advance booking is required. There is no cost to take our classes. We only ask that you consider donating to allow us to continue the programme or even expand it so that more can benefit!

Our funders

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