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RJ4ALL 2021-2022 Impact Report Press Release!

STOP PRESS: Building the first London restorative postcode while staying global: RJ4All Impact amidst the pandemic


The Restorative Justice for All International Institute (RJ4ALL) released its 2021 – 2022 Impact Report, which highlights the impact that the charity has had on residents around Rotherhithe as well as community groups internationally. 

Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic and increasing cost of living crisis, 2021 saw the charity grow in leaps and bounds as it strived to meet the needs of its community. It successfully opened a Community Centre which offers a variety of services such as a Community Fridgeweekly Food BankCommunity GymFree Sports Classes and Educational WorkshopsThe report highlights the charity’s aim to address power abuse on a local and international scale.

Reflecting on the past year, Dr. Theo Gavrielides, RJ4All Founder and Director, said
, “As a global restorative justice movement aiming to address power abuse at all levels, we strive to combat socio-economic issues both locally and internationally. In the past year, we made it our mission at RJ4ALL to act locally while continuing to think globally. I am immensely proud of our work and efforts to materialise my vision of making SE16 London’s first restorative postcode.” 

The report illustrates the tangible impact RJ4ALL has had throughout the local community. March 2022 saw 2,073 users interacting with their Food Bank in person and online, whilst 784 users did so for the Community Fridge. 

A regular RJ4All service user from SE16 London said, “
As a mum of two girls, being able to get a few basic items per week from the community fridge is amazing and helps my money go further.” 

Alongside its budding local community work, RJ4All has delivered international projects in collaboration with European partners that can support vulnerable target groups.  These have included  the development of thorough research processes and  CPD accredited e-courses – empowering individuals as well as the organisations that can support them. 

London Sport is one of the local funders of RJ4ALL. Rob Mclean, their Relationship Manager, had this to say about the charity, 
London Sport have worked with RJ4All since 2019 including funding projects around inclusive sailing and addressing youth Isolation. RJ4All are committed to including sport and physical activity within their broader approach to community development and support. This is particularly embodied in their management of the Rotherhithe Community Centre which alongside a great new gym facility, offers an exciting range of activities and services for people in the surrounding area. We look forward to hearing about their future plans and collaborating going forward.”

Marios Efthymiou, President of One Terrene International, one of RJ4ALL’s international partners said
, “Working with RJ4All allowed us to add new elements of justice, equity and equality into our existing projects, and new partnerships for new projects for the future. We have built a great relationship with RJ4All and have started working on new projects that will impact different sectors and European concerns, including education, employment, research and policy.”

What else can be expected from the report? Alongside testimonies from partners and sponsors who make our work possible, expect project summaries, outputs, community events, and more!

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