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Redefine the definition

There are many definitions of restorative justice. While neither the words ‘practice’ nor ‘theory’ can fully encapsulate the broad vision of this term, the definition by Dr. Gavrielides, Founder and Director of RJ4All, regarding restorative justice as ‘an ethos’, could capture its richness and fluidity.


“Restorative Justice is an ethos with practical goals, among which is to restore harm by including affected parties in a (direct or indirect) encounter and a process of understanding through voluntary and honest dialogue. Restorative justice adopts a fresh approach to conflicts and their control, retaining at the same time certain rehabilitative goals”

Dr Gavrielides (2007;2020)

RJiNEAR Resilience Model

The RJiNEAR Resilience Model views resilience as a dynamic capacity that can be expanded through various interactions, including internal assets, responses to environmental factors, and protective factors (Luthar et al., 2000). 

This framework is designed to leverage these interactions, with a Theory of Change centred on transformation through participation. RJiNEAR employs psychosocial interventions to enhance resilience and deter anti-social behaviour. Rather than focusing on managing people as risks, the model promotes talents and strengths to foster positive identities.

The RJiNEAR Model has been effectively implemented in RJ4All’s projects, particularly in interventions targeting community and youth empowerment to enhance their resilience and well-being.

Building world's first restorative justice postcode project

At RJ4All, we recognise power abuse as a pervasive force driving inequalities, human rights violations, and community tensions. We observe a decline in trust in public services, signaling the need for a renewed social contract. To address these issues, we’re starting locally in South East London, using our postcode (SE16) and the principles of restorative justice to bring together local stakeholders and community members. Our vision is to establish the first restorative justice postcode in the world. Through this initiative, our goal is to disseminate power more equitably, promoting inclusivity and empowerment. We aim to use our success as evidence for global replication, inspiring similar initiatives worldwide.

Join us in our Restorative Justice Movement

RJ4All is indeed much more than just an international institute; it’s a dynamic global social justice movement. Whether you’re a dedicated staff member, a committed volunteer, a valued member, or simply someone who shares our mission, vision, and values, you can become an integral part of our restorative justice movement today! 

Join us in promoting accountability and equity in communities worldwide. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and create a more just and compassionate society for all.

Restorative Justice Referrals!

RJ4All accepts referrals and self-referrals for restorative justice cases. We provide both online and face-to-face restorative justice as well as direct and indirect practices.

We work with all criminal and youth justice agencies as well as individuals (families, groups, harmed and harming parties), and can intervene at any stage in and beyond the criminal and youth justice systems. We can consider a wide range of cases whether these have been reported or not (examples: family conflicts, neighbourhood disputes, anti-social behaviour, personal and property violence, domestic abuse, hate incidents, youth violence, theft).

Restorative Justice Resources

Restorative Justice Podcast & Webinar Series

Led by Professor Theo Gavrielides, our Webinar & Podcast series offer insightful discussions and expert insights ranging from the fundamentals of restorative justice to its practical applications in the criminal justice system, schools, communities, and beyond.

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Restorative Justice E-library

We have established this free e-library to provide access to high-quality publications on restorative justice and other social justice themes.

Visit the Library!

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Trainings and other resources

You'll find a wealth of trainings & resources dedicated to understanding, implementing, and advocating for the transformative power of restorative justice

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Research and Publications

RJ4All Publications​

RJ4All Publications was established in 2013 as the independent, publishing arm of RJ4All to provide an academic platform to advance research in restorative justice worldwide.

RJ4All Publications is now recognised as the world’s leading, independent publisher of restorative justice e-books.

Restorative Justice Research Network

Restorative Justice Research Network (RJRN) is a vital component of RJ4All to advance the understanding and application of restorative justice worldwide. Through connecting researchers, practitioners, and policymakers, we facilitate collaboration, disseminate cutting-edge research, and promote best practices. 

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